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Make The Hot Girls Want to Not Flake

Yeah, this is so true I wouldn't even call it an anti-flake defense. It's like, if you didn't set something definite up, then you don't get to call it "flaking" when she misses it.

So, I'd reframe the whole discussion. For me, the best way to prevent her from not seeing you again, is to cause her to WANT to see you again. Build some mystery, some anticipation, a definite sense inside of HER that YOU are a limited and worthwhile opportunity. "I might bring my Tarot deck. We have such a great bond, there's no way you could find out these things about yourself without me telling you. In private. Over coffee. Of course, I promised Gisele the 36DD super-model that I wouldn't do anyone else's Tarot reading until I'd done hers, and she and I have a standing agreement to see one another most Tuesday evenings. Plus, work takes me off to Bangkok and Milan often at short notice, what with all the professional female beach-volleyball players I have to interview and book for private ... engagements ..."

Setting up the time and place is only one piece of the puzzle. Setting up her DESIRE to be there, is a much larger piece. Logistics is simple. Just do it and get it done with. The rest, is rapport, showing value, etc. etc. etc.

    Style: Yes, this is it. I was listening to a radio show today on carnival barkers. When they're trying to get people in the tent, they have six steps they go through (which sound a lot like PU stuff). The third or so is called the jam, and that's when they say, "For the next five minutes only, admission is only one dollar. Step inside now, and see the flea circus while you can." Of course, the admission is always a dollar! And that is exactly what you are saying above, FinalD, telling her to act now, otherwise you're going to be unavailable, out of town, and with a supermodel!

When you're eliciting values, elicit EVENTS too. Then, when you #close, you can say, 'I'll call you to go to that..." (whatever, but the more memorable the better--concert, amusement park, cool bar). This probably seems like obvious advice, but the flake factor is much less when you close with a definite plan rather than just an agreement to "hang out."

Also, on the same thread, when you #close with a girl and don't call her (which happens all the time), what do you say to her when you see her again, especially if you decide you want to pick up where you left off and go for a *close or more? Has not calling her (and having to apologize for it) ruined rapport?

    Neo-Rio: When you consider that seduction is about increasing desire and reducing fear - you have to understand that one without the other is useless, and will cause a flake-out. If you get a flake, look back at what you have worked on with the chick and see what part of seduction you are lacking. If you've done enough safety/rapport/One world type stuff on a chick, then if she flakes, it'll be because of lack of kino or solid SOI. OTOH if you've been too direct and she didn't show you any IOIs at all, she'll get scared of you. Once I was speaking to this chick that really liked this guy but was scared to call him back because she was scared that she'd screw up over the phone talking with him. This reason also has to be taken into consideration. Some chicks simply don't have the guts to go for what they want either - and they screw their opportunities up along the way....

    Volfik: When a woman throws out ASD or flakes, she's telling you what you need to do to fuck her. Just about any woman is fuckable. Whether it's worth the effort is another question entirely . . . .

    Final D: Chicks WANT the opportunity to flake. You have to lead them to a situation where "it just happened" step by step. "It just happened that we got into his car, and it could have happened in any of six or seven other ways. Then, it just happened that he drove me to his house, and it could have happened in any of six or seven other ways. Then, it just happened that he stuck his dick inside me, and it could ..." So, basically, they LOVE feeling like the opportunity to flake is right around the corner. This makes them feel, naturally, "in control," since they can always bolt at a moment's notice; but also, it makes them feel, somehow, "more feminine," since the whole "encompassing opportunities" and "fulfilling my most universal self" shit is going on -- maximize the possibilities, rather than locking her into some pre-ordained system. That will make her want to choose your possibilities, even though you have perhaps offered her others that are LESS fuck-related. Strange, no? @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics