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Make The Hot Girls Want to Not Flake

  • Guys make me feel sexy.

  • Feeling sexy is looking good.

  • Looking good is feeling good.

  • I wonder what clothes will make me feel good.

  • I should go shopping, I haven't a thing to wear.

  • Oh no, I can't go shopping! I have to get my nail fungus treated.

  • Nail fungus is bad.

  • I should go get some ice cream to make me feel better.

  • I don't like eating ice cream alone.

  • I am all alone. I don't know anyone.

  • Men are jerks.

  • Ross Jeffries: I think MOST flakes fall into two categories:

    • She's just not sufficiently attracted/interested

    • You didn't' establish sufficient feelings of safety/rapport.

    Then we get into other "sub-categories" that get harder to deal with:

    • She's a drug user/drinker

    • She's got personal/family turmoil that will get you featured on an episode of "Cops" if you DO manage to get near her.

    • She's got serious issues with men that will cause her to run from anyone

    MOST of the time, it's lack of interest or safety/rapport issues. I agree that the best anti-flake technique is to f-close her asap but it is just not always possible.

    Final D: Realize chicks are always flaking. It's in their nature. And instead of setting up a meeting where two humans can meet, HERD HER into a meeting. You are the zookeeper, she is the giraffe. A million little things need to be done to COAX her toward the proper side of the cage. So, that's the metaphor. The actual specifics in reality would be, establishing rapport and creating a very positive state in her; creating perhaps curiosity on her part ("I'll bring something to show you ...") or anticipation ("Maybe I'll bring my tarot deck and give you a reading next time we meet") or any of a number of other REASONS that she is HOOKED into meeting you again; also, preventing her from BELIEVING that she can procrastinate the meeting. Don't think of it as a meeting of two equal humans who are both equally responsible for revealing one another's emotions to each other. Rather, think of it as a zoo-keeper meeting one of his many animals, taking care of it the way he intuitively knows it needs to be taken care of, so that it SHITS AT 5 like the zoo-keeper wants it to.

    Jerisnow: Some younger girls simply don't know how to follow a train of thought, and until they do, it's best to not let your interaction get sidetracked, and if it does, get back on the train, but don't miss the station. Explain gently to your intended that it isn't polite to say one thing and do another. I'm sure that can be applied to almost all human interaction.

    Style: I've noticed that the best way to keep an HB from flaking is to set up DEFINITE plans before you leave. In other words, don't just plan on meeting for coffee sometime or seeing each other later in the week.

      Final D: @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics