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Playing hot and cold, rewarding and punishing

We get in the car and i tell her we are going to a hotel OK. She says OK. So we head there. She's nervous and asks me if I'm married i say I'm not She tells me please, just don't kill me ok. I laugh and say I'm not going to do Any thing you are not going to enjoy. We are at the hotel and i ask for some beers she ask me what i was talking about With that guy. I say I'm was buying the beers only. I start taking her cloths off i start touching her all over but she resist a little when I try to kiss her. This is funny .why she doesn't want me to kiss her? Because she said so in the bar? I'm really tired like i mention at the begining and i don't have much sex experience and she's not doing much is going to be like a dead fuck i think. After like ten minutes i start fucking her (i had condoms in  the car) but it Only last like ten minutes. I think it's normal that when you haven't had Sex in a  while you are a little sensitive. And don't last long the first fuck. So i go to the bathroom and she says she's going to get dress when I go out She's dressed. She starts acting like a bitch saying she wants to go home And that she's hungry. I say we must stay longer and that i will take her Home in a couple of hours she says she wants to go home now. So i tell her she has to stay. And something funny happens. She says .”you weren't talking to me like that in the bar”(of course not ;-) She says that i made her do something she didn't want to do and that She is afraid since she doesn't know me. So she asks me to take her home I say OK I'll take you home but give me a blow job first. She says she's not Going to do that, because that would affect her self-esteem. So i say then You have to stay. She leaves and i go home.

Questions: .why do bitches expect you to be an expert in bed? @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics