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Playing hot and cold, rewarding and punishing

      Me: in spite  that she had many friends at school, she didn't like to go out. she wanted To stay home and talk  and I have many friends and I like to party to much and Had to go to parties alone  (she told me that her ex boyfriend didn't like to go out That much and that she hated that) So when i finish that story her eyes light up ;-)
      Me: do you like adventure or you enjoy excitement more.

She says she likes adventure So i run Maniac pattern on how i respect people who is adventurous and is willing to Take risks to get  something better for there lives. I run strawberry game, and web of life. I do a palm reading and keep holding her hand After that. She asks if she can order another drink I say no problem. But i start putting my hand on her thigh she doesn't resist so i run discovery channel pattern And put her hand on my thigh. I have notice with some other girls that they don't resist To this after hand holding. I'm touching her thighs and move my hands  more and more to the front until i have my hands Below her waist she smiles and pushes my hands a little  bit away and we keep talking. I tell her that i like romantic girls (base on value elicitation) to have nice dinners with Candles blah .. blah ... blah..

She seems to be enjoying the conversation. She tells me she goes to that bar often and That she knows some of the waiters. I tell her . you know my ex-girlfriend  father was from Japan and in his culture when they meet a special girl they let her know with a hug And a kiss on each chick like this. I do both things and after that i try to kiss her on the Lips but she tells me she wants to take things slow this time because she has made Mistakes on the past. I try i little later but she resists again so i try to get her out of the Bar since it might be because of the waiters she knows. By that time she's drank like 4 beers and i have drank  two. This is another sign she's Not LTR material. also like after the second beer she tells me she’s got to  go Since she lives very far away and that the last bus is about to pass. I tell her that I am going to take her home, she says OK and stays. When i tried to kiss her the second time she says we'd better be friends for a while first (LJBF, land. Fuck that)  i tell her that i have many female friends and that i get along with them very well and that i don’t need another friend. As far as her, I see her like a woman I like to be with (fucking of course he he)  she tells me the story of a coworker who she is very good friends with and that he wanted to be something else after a while but that he gives her good advice and that she didn't want to lose their friendship so she turned him down and he got mad for a while but now every thing is back to normal.

I met her like at nine o clock and it’s like eleven thirty. So i say let's go. so we go outside I take her hand as soon as we go out no problem.  Around the corner i hug her and  Started kissing her neck she starts getting horny so i tongued her down she tells me let's Ask for a cab i tell her a have a car so let's go to the parking lot. On the way I'm holding Hands and i hug her and try to kiss her again a little resistance so I forced her a bit she goes For it so i start touching her nice but no problem. I do this couple of times on the way and She tells me don't pressure me. I ignore that and then she ask me. Why did you tell me let's go some place else? (i told her that when she didn't wanted to kiss me in the bar. But I was thinking of another bar or something since i was afraid  she didn't wanted to Kiss because of her waiters friends) I told her. I was talking about a club or something. What did you think about?  She starts Laughing and says i'm more corrupted then you are. I say. did you thought that we were Going to end up in a hotel room making love pationately? It's to soon for that. She says that's what i say (making her believe it was her idea) So when we get to the parking lot a start tounging her down again but this time I put my Hand in her crotch  and i pulled down her blouse a bit and kiss her breast and then her nipple. She gets really horny and i ask her in an authoritative way. Where are we going? She says where ever you want. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics