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Mystery class field report (days 3 and 4)

This this isn't genius or anything, but it never failed to get a good convo going and open up doors for patterns. However, since the class, I've been using some other openers that involve props/gimmicks.

As for other routines/patterns, I liked: One about how there are so few days in our active lifetime, and we should enjoy each moment to its maximum. There's also one about how our emotional circuitry has evolved to perfection while the intellectual part of our brains is new and imperfect. It ends with me pulling the back of her hair, but I can't seem to get this one quite right anymore. Mystery or someone, can you post it here? A few good BF destroyers too long to explain right now. Various negs--fake nails, something in her ear, etc. Question games. A kino story called Dino Island.

Jonathan Ashton: You said it was easy to disarm the guys. What did you say to them on approaching?

Style: This is easy. You just say to the guys what you'd never say to a girl. In other words, you make small talk. While your friend is sarging, you just ask her male friends anything: "How'd you guys end up here tonight?" "Are you guys from around here?" "What did you all do before this?" Whatever. They just want to be paid attention to so that their egos aren't bruised as they stand around watching some other guy entertain the chick they're supposed to be entertaining.

Jonathan Ashton: with the Italian woman where Mystery told you she'd gotten the better of you. What was the conversation/power dynamics? What hoops did she put up? How did Mystery say you should have handled them?

Style: Yes, this is really interesting. What happened was we made a joke about something, and she sort of backed away. Then later, while I was kino'ing her, she wasn't responding positively enough. And even later, she introduced me to some AFC who came up to her. And what ended up happening, from his perspective, is that I got the #close because I forced myself on her. (As this was happening, AFCs kept patting me on the back, going, 'She's hot' 'You lucky bastard'--what's a cool way to respond to this stupidity?) Anyway, Mystery said afterward I should have punished when she moved away or didn't respond to kino. I should have just turned away for a moment and talked to a friend or another girl. When she paid attention to the dorky AFC, I should have said something like, "I’m going to leave you two alone" (implying in some sarcastic way that I'm leaving them alone romantically, though I know she'd really rather be with me.)

His advice, and I've followed it since, is to think of a cat playing with a piece of string. As long as the string is dangling just out of reach, the cat is going to keep trying to grasp it. As soon as the string drops in its lap, the cat loses interest. So, to quote the man, BE THE STRING.

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