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Mystery class field report (days 3 and 4)

Now, for my main praise: the great advantages have come afterward for me. I now feel like I can approach any girl and know exactly what to do and say to get her intrigued and close. I was never very good at *closing someone I'd only met minutes ago, and now I can. I just went on vacation for a couple weeks and had all sorts of adventures. I must have #closed 20 girls; *closed ten; slept with two; and, in a very strange night, f-closed two crazy sisters. And one of the girls I #closed was one of the city's most stuck-up HBs; I ran into her sister yesterday, who told me she was talking about me all day. I probably wouldn't have done one-tenth this good without Mystery's class. In addition, I found myself becoming more charismatic and more of a leader in regular everyday situations that didn't involve sarging. And, most important, whether succeeding or failing, I had tons of fun. I can't wait to put this stuff to work at home. Anyone in LA want to wing? Email me: just make sure you're somewhat confident, intelligent, and socially comfortable.


What I need now is Advanced Training. I need a class to take me through the next steps: calling an HB I #close with and taking her for a perfect, passionate adventure. I have to bring my follow-up game up to the level of my approaching-and-closing game. Mystery, you ready?

Fatass: Okay, so much for the testimonial. Now tell me this: Was your success on vacation due to anything NEW that you learned from the seminar, or was it due more to application of the information that is already available in The Fucking Manual?

Style: The truth is that the manual gave me the knowledge and the class gave me the skill. Without ASF and TFM, I wouldn't have been able to appreciate the class. But without the class, I wouldn't have had the confidence and know-how to make all the approaches and closes I did. So, yes, I credit a lot (but not all) of the vacation success to the class. But, then again, that's me. I'm a quick learner, but I think anyone is going to learn more from watching and doing than just reading or listening.

Seriously, Fatass, from reading your posts, I think you're the same: a really smart, funny, quick guy who has a good grasp of this stuff. The class is perfect for someone like you to take you to the next level and help you get past some of your sticking points. However, it's probably not perfect for the type of guy posting here saying 'I'm too scared to talk to the girl who sits next to me in class--help!'

For openers, there are three I used:

1. "Omigod, did you see that fight outside. These two girls were totally going at it...etc., etc."
2. This is the embarrassing one Mystery suggested for me. I've only had the guts to use it a couple times, but it has actually worked. "It looks like the party/fun/whatever is over here." Then I turn to the girl I'm interested in and say, "If I wasn't gay, you would be SO mine." It instantly turns off her defenses (and those of others in the group), and I can then hit her with heavy stuff. When it actually led to a *close once, it wasn't until afterward that she said, 'aren't you gay?' I said, 'I was' (with a joking smile) and then kissed her again, a little more passionately. (Anyone know any better replies?)
3. My favorite was a variation of the "do spells work" line of Mystery's. I said that and then launched into a story I made up. I pointed to my friend and said something like, "The reason I'm asking is because my friend over there is new to LA. And he met a girl at a club. He wasn't interested in her sexually, because she wasn't really his type [At this point, the girl always says, 'sure,' which is great because I can say, 'no, really,' and begin light kino and teasing--plus it shows us as nice guys who women are attracted to].

Anyway, she came over to his house and after she left, he found a corroded metal ring and some feathers wrapped around a scroll under his sofa cushion. Well, he took it to a magic store and they said it was an attraction spell. And, now, the strange thing is, he's suddenly finding himself attracted to her. Do you think that it's the spell or just psychological?' @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics