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Dying here. Need all possible advice

Date:             Sun, 19 Aug 2001 03:22:14 GMT
subject:        Dying here. Need all possible advice

Style: I need some advice. I'm willing to try every tactic suggested,and post a field report. The situation is this: At home in America, I'm a RAFC+. But now I'm in the Balkans and I'm an AFC at best. The problem is this: I have never ever seen more beautiful HB9s, 10s, and 10+s (and total AFC guys) anywhere before. But the problem is that most of them don't speak English. So my sarging technique basically consists of asking, "Do you speak English?" When the answer is yes, I can have a conversation and kino and it's amazing (but this RARELY happens). When the answer is "no" or "a little," I'm just left in the dark and don't know what to do.

Adding further complication is the fact that I'm visiting a friend here who is totally fluent. But he is such an AFC that A) When I ask him what to do, he just says to say "Me buy drink"--and there's no way I'm doing that and B) When I ask him to translate, he chickens out and either won't say what I tell him to or gets scared and runs away. On top of that, he leers at most HBs in any room, which makes matters worse. I've been a great wingmen, sending HBs to him whenever they say they don't speak English, and he is just unable to follow up. So, clearly, at clubs and cafes, I need to sarge solo. But anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I'm totally at a loss, and going out of my mind...

One thing I'm thinking is that through SS I've learned to sarge with words; how can I do it with few or no words here, esp in a country where the girls KNOW they're hot and are mostly trolling for husbands?

Tunnces: Haha. I suggest learning the language ASAP and trying Mystery's digicam routine.

Approach the local HBs anywhere except the local clubs/bars/and similar places.  If it is anything like the US then any club/bar scene will have too many extraneous factors that will fuck your game up.

Being American you are likely different, right? Use that to your advantage. It will be very difficult though you will learn important skills like how to read body language, how to calibrate, get rapport non-verbally, etc..

Make new friends ASAP if your buddy is not able to help you.  It seems that being foreign you automatically are a commodity amongst the local women? Maybe not, I never been to the Balkans (and probably will be!).

Break the language barrier and start pounding Balkan pussy at all costs!
Good Luck.

Gauss: I'd say that's the place to go non verbal. Learn just enough of the language to bring them in and then work mostly via kino and similar.

Alan Palmer: How about finding a Balkan chick who speaks English and who is willing to act as wing/pivot for you?

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