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How to Pickup When Traveling In a Foreign Country

Style: Is there discussion anywhere or advice on how to sarge when traveling in a foreign country where English isn't normally spoken. Its so easy to meet HBs abroad, but when they don't have a grasp of the language, NLP and patterns definitely don't work and any initial spark of excitement and possibility fades away when communication becomes too difficult. Any advice, especially since sometimes the hottest, most unjaded, most ready-for-adventure HBs don't speak much English?

Candor: This a numbers game.  In every country there are chicks who will be so into you because of where you're from that you won't have to do much. For those who do require preparation, you have to kino a lot, dance, and smile.  One good technique to to have a conversation with the aid of a dictionary.  Sit next to her and share the dictionary with her. Look up words together and make sure your hands touch often.  Give her "English lessons" in which the curriculum consists entirely of patterns.  Use gestures when you need to.

The effort required in communicating with you will increase her satisfaction when she is able to convey a thought (cost increases the value in her mind).  Also, the fact that she doesn't speak English probably means she hasn't had much contact with foreigners.  So if that's interesting to her, she will be pleased that you are giving her your time.

Gunwitch: Go to noisy dance clubs and do volume approaches til you get heavy KINO then start looking at her like you're gonna rut her out til her guts bleed kiss close her and say in your weird accent "i want to make love to you tonight". You have the advantage of being foreign to make up for any lack of looks or verbal game. This will eventually be enough to pull something.

Style: Also, stupid questions for further thought: What does it mean when a HB you're with eats garlic/onion type food when shes with you--that shes not expecting to go back to your place that night and that you're going to have to work harder to get her there?

Candor: Either that, or she's just stupid or not thinking.  No need to read anything into this at all.  This is what trips women up--they're always reading Cosmopolitan to find out what it means when a guy eats garlic, as if there's a Great Truth involved.  No need to analyze something that may be completely meaningless.

Gunwitch: I seduced a chik once that did this and it thought the same thing. I ended up fucking her about 30 minutes later. Women just walk through the world when they aren't trying to get laid. They don't think about shit like this unless they are on a date or going out to a club. Even then it isn't worth analyzing as it can only create self doubt.

Style: Applying lipstick/lipliner--is there any significance in how/where its done. When its done very blatantly in front of you, is it a signal or symbol for anything, positive or negative?

Candor: Is she looking at you or away from you?  Does she seem bored or excited?  She could be primping for another guy, or she could be trying to draw your attention, or she might be nervous and can't think of anything else to do.  It depends on the girl and on the other signals she's giving you.

Gunwitch: I think this is a woman's version of "subtle" hints that she wants to fuck you. Also not worth analyzing though it is positive in nature almost for certain it is still part of that analysis chain that can create self doubt.

Style: Work nights: So many perfect nights have been foiled by the fact that, even though shes ready and kino-ing like crazy, its 2 or 3 a.m. and she has to be up for work at 7 a.m. the next day. Any strategy/pattern here for trying to convince a HB to not worry about the fact that it's a work/school night and just come back to your place?

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