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Pickup via e-mail

7. Don't talk about yourself in your initial e-mails.  Don't CLAIM anything about yourself that you can't prove through action - and, if you can prove it through action, then display the trait, if possible, through your words.  But don't even do that if you can't do it efficiently - in a few words or a sentence.   The point of such a display is to provide chaacter cues that will help heighten her interest of you.

8. Spend 50% of your time coming up with a good subject line, but nothing too hokey.

9. E-mail timing - figure out how long it takes the chick to initially respond and don't get too anxious to e-mail her at a much faster pace than she does.   Slightly faster is fine, as long as it's gradual.  If she takes 3 days to reply to you, take 2.5-3 days to reply back.  If she replies back immediately, but not with a tone that makes you believe she's ready to be laid ASAP, take your time replying back - up to 2 days.  YOU set the timing, she doesn't.  If she doesn't reply back after 7 full days, send 1 more e-mail but make it VERY SHORT and simply challenge her directly (yet in a funny way), think of it as her "last chance", but don't actually use those words - just indicate it through cues and a subtle challenge.

10. Unless they are on vacation or away from their "home base" for some other reason, chicks tend to check their e-mail either at certain times of day almost every day or certain days of the week or both.  Within the first couple e-mails, you'll be able to make a good guess as to when to optimally reach her based on the timing you're interested in.  This is more important for local chicks than distant ones, and sometimes can overrule the whole waiting to reply aspect.  For distant chicks (ones you are not likely to be near for a while, anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months), don't jump to phone right away and stick to e-mails - and pace the timing of those e-mails so that the communication regularity doesn't escalate too fast before you get a chance to actually be in front fo the chick.

11. If the chick uses either Hotmail or Yahoo, she's not likely to respond within the first 24-48 hours of an initial e-mail.  If at all.  Just accept this and don't get anxious.  Go by the 1-week rule and, after that, drop her if she doesn't reply to that.

12. If an e-mail to Yahoo or Hotmail bounces, try again 2 days later (not 2 hours later).  Some chicks don't check their e-mail often enough to avoid having their max inbox space filled up with spam, which causes mail to bounce.  The free version of Yahoo mail has something like a 6MB limit, and Hotmail is something like 2MB.

There are other minor sub-rules, which you will learn pick up easily through practice, but if the above main rules are followed, responsiveness from chicks via e-mail gets MUCH better.

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