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Pickup via e-mail

5. The point of having both e-mail and phone number when contact closing is, in a follow-up, you'll want to e-mail her first (within a day) and reply to her once or twice before calling, as that improves your results when making the first call.  If all you get is an e-mail address (because you didn't attempt a number close, not because she refused her number) then you'll only want to e-mail her a couple times before getting her number.  Don't ask for it on the first e-mail, but don't wait until your third mail to get it.  Finally, if you've finished contact closing her but aren't certain of whether you've properly g closed, go for a kiss close before separating.  Always aim for at least a pleasant kiss on the lips.  If she goes for it, you've properly g closed and you can always decide to pull back and say "Hey, I was just thinking... I didn't have solid plans for the next couple hours, let's take a walk and get to know each other better."  If she turns to give you her cheek, that's OK as that's still a stronger close than leaving with a handshake.  Take it as a good sign, as she'll see your kiss as gentlemently and charming.  Of course, it all depends on the context; sometimes a kiss close isn't congruent with the way you've PU'd her.

The main rules:

1. Short is better.  The shorter the better, but not unless you have a really great way of structuring something to say, like a story or engaging bit of something.  Just keep in mind what it was that turned her interest on in your first meeting of her - don't spend time talking about stuff that doesn't capture her attention in the most efficient way possible.  Trim the fat.  Then trim it some more.  Some of the best first e-mails are only 2 sentences long.

2. The most important/key concept and/or question you want to have the chick focus on should come LAST, right before you sign off.  NEVER put more than 1 main question in an e-mail to her unless it's absolutely necessary.  And in that case, group the questions together.  If you find yourself writing up 3 or more questions to her, you're making the e-mail too long (and confusing! yes, confusing) and will likely not get them all answered anyway, if at all (don't confuse her with all kinds of questions).  Just ask yourself "Which is more important - bagging this chick, or getting her to answer this question?"  If bagging her depends on her answering more than 2 quetions in your first e-mail, then you haven't properly g closed her and will need to split up your first e-mail into 2 smaller e-mails, the second of which is only sent in response to her reply, if necessary.  The point in an initial e-mail is getting her to: remember the rapport you had with her, pique her curiosity, and get her to reply, nothing else.

3. The beginning of the greeting to the e-mail should be consistent with the way the chick tends to greet, but not word-for-word.  This rule, of course, only applies once you've seen how she handles e-mail.

4. Never, ever ever, never, ever ever use "quoting" style (you know, with the angle > brackets) that us guys like to use when responding.   It's like a flow of logic and chicks can't follow it.  Even in work environments, chicks don't prefer to follow quote-style responses.  The only reason they even bother with it in work environments is because, well, it's their job.  Just quote her previous e-mail at the very bottom, if at all, and type your message to her at the top.

5. Spell-check.  Write legibly and with good grammar.  No short-hand unless it's necessary.  Sometimes it's OK (like, using BTW or OK or "&" instead of "and"), but it really depends on the context.  Remember, e-mail is not chat.  Make it legible.  Pretend she's an Internet/e-mail novice, even if she isn't.

6. 1 or maybe 2 smilies in the e-mail.  If you can get a funny concept or sentence across as funny without a smiley, use that.  Only use a smiley in the "cutest" part of your message, and never get too cute.  The cutest you should get is to comment about her in a funny way or taunt her.  Yes, taunt her.

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