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Tingly Method

Once you get into the FZ on YOUR TERMS, the ONLY thing that separates a SEX FRIEND from a PLATONIC FRIEND is SEXUAL EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE.. .with an EMPHASIS on SEXUAL EXCITEMENT.

1. PLANTONIC FRIEND: Friendship + No Sexual Excitement + No Challenge = Platonic Friend/"girlfriend". (BORING)

2. BOYFRIEND: Friendship + Little to No sexual Excitement + A Challenge = Boyfriend. (PRETTY COOL.)

3. SEX FRIEND: Friendship + Sexual Excitement + A Challenge = Sex Friend. (EXCITING)

Put the elements of sexual EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE into a "nice guy" and what do you have? Right. A "Bad Boy."

Take the elements of sexual EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE "OUT" of a "bad boy" and what do you have? Right. A Nice Guy.



You have three goals/closes when dealing with a woman.

1. Number. (Close on Level 2)

2. Meet. (Close on Level 4)

3. Sex. (Close on Level 5)


4. *Boomerang Close- Get her so interested/attracted to you that if you don't close HER, she will close YOU.


That's it.

To accomplish EACH goal you MUST do the following:

1. Increase her interest to a level adequate enough to make her show IOI's for that particular goal... .so that you can close her.

(i.e. She's giving hints that she wants to stay in contact or she's giving hints that she'd like to have sex based on how she flirts with you.)

2. Plant a favorable suggestion.

(She's throwing hints that she'd like to stay in contact, so you say, "I think it'd would be great if we picked this conversation up another time, don't you?" As a result she gives you the number. The REAL number.)

3. Qualify her a couple times to eliminate flakiness.

Don't just take the number. Say something like, "Don't give me your number if you know you won't be there to pick up the phone." Or "If you won't be happy to hear from me, then don't give me your number."

4. Close her.

(Once she's qualified herself a couple times, she'll feel as though she's earned the privilege to get you to call her. She'll almost beg you to take it. Flakiness will be DRAMATICALLY reduced at this point.)

The above looks complicated, but it ain't. Read it a couple times and you'll get my meaning. I don't like SS etc because it's to long, structured and drawn out. Takes you damn near a month just to trick yourself into believing women want you and you STILL don't know how to pull women. One website just to tell you how to get laid. It ain't that serious.

Whether you're big, ugly, white, black, latino, tall.. .etc. . .everybody can do this simply because it focuses on engaging a woman's emotions with what you SAY.. .and you don't have to be "pretty" to be an exciting talker. All I want to do is get a woman to engage me in convo. That's it. She's does that, I don't care if she's married, single.. .etc. . .her booty belongs to ME.. .well, at least for the night. . .LOL. The above is really basic common sense when you take the time to...


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