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DYD Mastery Recap, Day Two -- by Thundercat

When I arrived at the seminar room that morning, I was late (again). Why these seminars start so early in the morning, I'll never know. But when I got there, I saw Major Mark in the lobby talking on his cell. I sat down and joined him. It seems there were some problems with Steve Piccus coming up that day. Mark told me that David D had screwed him out of a hotel room and Steve was pissed about it and considering not coming up. From what I learned later, there was just a misunderstanding between a few people and it wasn't David D's fault at all that Piccus did not have a room. Things eventually got worked out. Mark also told me about a trip he's planning to Bangkok for the summer, and how his wife wants him to go with some of his buddy's and have some fun. We talked a bit about how nice it must be to have a wife who wants you to fuck other women.

The bulk of the Ugly came from Amber's stint on stage. Many people were extremely disgusted with what she was sharing with the guys at the seminar. One of the marketing guys I talked to told me he couldn't understand what the fuck David was thinking by putting her and Tari up on stage, because he completely lost his audience with them.

A few people even dubbed the seminar "Double Your Menstruating" after seeing the crap Amber was pitching at everyone. It might have been a different story if David D had set the stage for her talk a bit more with some new concepts, but he didn't, rather, he just put her up there to wreak havoc on the masses.

Some of us had a theory that there were some "sexual favors" at work when trying to figure out why David D would put her on stage. Some people thought that Amber had seduced David D in order to get on one of his products so she could start building her own client base for her relationship consulting business. Another theory was that David D was supplicating to her and got her up on stage in an effort to get her to sleep with him. Many people did seem to think that Daivd D was much too "wussy" around her. I don't really believe either theory, though they are interesting to entertain.

Most likely (and this is my personal theory on this situation), this was just a further attempt by David D to undercut what MINE'99 is doing with SS and the direction that is going. I think there is a small subsection of people who buy into Yoga and all that New Age crap as a method of Seduction, and by including Amber, David D was hoping to take that market away from MINE'99 by including it in his "Double Your Dating" Philosophy. However, seeing that the Yoga and New Ag Wu-Wu junk just keeps alienating people from SS, I can't see why David D would want to incorporate anything like this into his method.

A friend of mine also overheard David D talk about how he's probably going to have to edit the guest speakers from Day 2 completely out of his final product. I wouldn't be surprised if all of Tari's stuff hit the cutting room floor, but a lot of Amber may be kept in, since he talked about her and continued to reference her stuff through days 3 and 4. My recommendation to all of you is that you skip that part of the series and move on to Day 3 stuff once the product hits the streets.

My Experience

Overall, I had a great experience on Day 2 at the seminar. My chat with Major Mark was a nice one, and I find the guy very engaging to talk to. I also went out to lunch that day with a marketing guy I met at diner the night before and he gave me a lot of great advice for my ebook. It wasn't until the guest speakers came up that I started hating life. Tari was bearable, but the Amber speech destroyed any interest I had in the seminar. I know that after that day, if I had paid to be there, I'd have demanded my money back.

After the seminar, some friends and I all went out for diner and discussed how we couldn't believe how bad the speakers were. We often discussed what David D must have been thinking getting them up on stage. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics