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DYD Mastery Recap, Day Two -- by Thundercat

The interview started off with some playful banter between her and David D, who created some sexual tension by moving the lavaliere mic on Amber's bodice from one breast to the other. Then David got into the interview and let Amber loose upon his audience, and it was not a pretty sight. Honestly, most of us didn't think it could get much worse than Tari, but we were wrong. Dead wrong.

Amber is a woman, through and through. But she's not a cool woman. She's the kind who belongs on some hippy compound somewhere bathing in patchouli stink while braiding her armpit hair. A total New-Age Wu-Wu. She rambled on and on about energy and charkas and all kinds of other stuff. There were mumbles going through the audience from people saying things like "What the fuck? This is the reason I left SS," and other rumblings.

Things just continued to degenerate when David D left the stage and Amber started taking the audience through Yoga exercises designed to make us "feel our male integrity." She had us bend our knees, put our hands over our head, and move as if we were "pushing through honey."

If the audience had gotten confused with Tari, it was with this speaker that the audience just got totally lost. Everything she was saying was so far out there and contradicted so heavily with David D's teachings, that everyone was just getting frustrated and confused. She even told everyone "I don't agree with Cocky and Funny." She even had David D saying he regretted the philosophy of Cocky and Funny and that he's actually trying to get away from that concept. I don't know if he was pandering to his guest speaker at that moment, but that's where most of us just lost it. In our eyes, Amber had no credibility what so ever, and David D was quickly losing it as well. The worst thing about Amber was that she was coming totally from the place of a woman, and made no attempt to sympathize or even understand the male way of thinking.

However, the best part was when an audience attendee got up to ask a question and started tooling Amber with Cocky/Funny tactics which totally negated any of her views that C/F doesn't work. He asked her a very logical question about how to deal with women on a conversational level when they ask what you do for a living. Amber asked him: "What do you do?"

He responded: "I work at Taco Bell." At this point the entire audience erupted in laughter. Finally, someone had reattached their balls and was standing up to this idiot on stage. Of course, this went right over Amber's head.

Amber: "You work at Taco Bell?" David D: (recognizes the joke) "Uh, I really don't think he works there." Student: (acting slightly ashamed) "Yeah, you're right. It's only a part time job."

More laughter.

Amber: "What is it you really do?"

Student: "I have a PhD in Sexual Therapy and Sciences."

This is, of course, what Amber claimed to have. More laughter. It was funny that Amber decried the believability of Cocky and Funny as a tactic to get women, yet when this student pulled out the C&F, she looked like a dear in headlights. Like we always say, it's not what women prefer, it's what they respond to, and Amber, despite her declaration to the contrary, was responding to the Cocky and Funny. At this point, David D could see the tide was turning against his guest speaker and shut down the questions. Amber wanted to take us all through yet another yoga exercise. Many people had had enough. This is the point where me and a group of other people decided to leave the seminar room in disgust.

The Ugly

As you can tell, there was a lot of ugly going on at this day of the seminar, mostly to do with the guest speakers. Mystery was absent this day, so I don't know what he was up to. I was thinking he didn't feel like showing up after the NEG David D threw his way the day before, but more likely, he had better stuff to do before his presentation the next day. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics