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DYD Mastery Recap, Day Two -- by Thundercat

This caused more than a few groans in the audience. The dude's big revelation was one that has been talked about in this community for years, and he's just now coming to that realization? Did he even bother to listen to the DYD Advanced Series with Rick H? Most likely, it's not that all women are bisexual, it's that most of the women he's with are lesbians who mistake him for a hot chick. Tari also continued the David X tradition of joking about ass fucking, which had a slightly different connotation when Tari did it because most of the guys in the audience were getting the impression that he's been pumped more than once in his time. He talked about an inside joke he and a friend of his came up with regarding UPS's add campaign "Where will Brown take you?" and how they related it to anal sex after a session of "healthy banter." (One of my favorite quotes of the seminar was someone who said "Men don't have Healthy Banter. If you have Healthy Banter, you're a fag.") His friend was dubbed "The King of Brown," since apparently he gets so much anal sex. Tari never clarified whether that anal sex was with women, though.

This sparked a big in-joke within the crowd about using the word "Brown" to refer to things or other guys as Gay. "Oh, those shoes are so BROWN!" "Yo bro, that joke is BROWN." "Hey man, you putting your cock in my ass is much too BROWN for my liking." "This guest speaker is totally BROWN." You get the picture. Anyway, David D tried to make a joke of it and get away from the ass fucking topic, but Tari seemed to persist like it was his favorite thing in the world (I wouldn't put it past him). The rapport David D had with Tari made his interview with David X seem like they had known each other for years. It was obvious that the two of them really had nothing to talk about or connect on. Finally, David left the stage and let Tari ramble on. Tari had a few good things to share, but he was creating a lot of confusion in the audience because much of it seemed to go against the David D philosophy on so many levels. It was almost like listening to a chick talk about what she likes to do with her girlfriends.

Tari also talked about how he is a dancer, and how that gets him lots of chicks. I could almost imagine Tari busting into the club "Brian Boytano" style with his chick-magnet rallying cry of "I'm STHUPER! Thanks for ATHKING!" The worst was when he talked about how he made a living, which was selling journals on e-bay. These were big, bulky, leather bound, Italian, hand-made journals which David D was helping him hock. One of the marketing guys there dubbed them the "Harry Potter books" since they seemed like they were a prop from the movie. However, no one cared about them. It was something that girls would love to buy, but straight guys would have no interest in.

As Tari rambled on, most of us in the audience were suffering through his chicklogic induced thought patterns. When it finally got to the point that the seminar attendees got to ask questions, Tari became even more useless as he wasn't really able to answer anyone who questioned him with useful information. Finally, David D got him off stage and gave the audience a much needed break. During the break, me and a few other guys talked about how bad this speaker was, and how it simply couldn't get any worse than Tari. But things were looking on the up and up with the next guest speaker, which was a really hot little blonde woman. Many people thought this was Marie, from David D's interview series, and were really looking forward to hearing her speak. Unfortunately, we were all dead wrong.

The woman was actually a girl named Amber (I forget her last name). She was a former assistant to Tony Robins and also in good with a guy named David Data, who wrote a book called "The Way of the Superior Man." She was dressed in an odd little black corset which prominently displayed her breasts. Amber definitely knew how to move her body (she moved like a stripper), and exuded a definite sex appeal. In fact, I was rather turned on by her… until she opened her mouth, that is. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics