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DYD Mastery Recap, Day Two -- by Thundercat

David D shared with the seminar attendees his 5 foundations of success, which were: Language, Communication, Sales, Marketing, and Public Speaking. He elaborated on all five of these principals and how they relate to all aspects of life, be it women or business. In talking to some of the marketing gurus that were in attendance at the seminar, I got the impression that marketing is not much different from meeting women. You have a target/customer, you communicate and entice them for your product, and you get them to want to have it.

Finally, David D shared with us his age-old concept of "Reverse Rapport." This goes back to the old days when he used to post on Cliff's List as Sisonpyh with his concept of "breaking rapport," which would put the burden on the other person to try and gain rapport in the interaction. Reverse Rapport is basically when you say and do the opposite of what someone might do who's trying to make someone like them, but all in a sarcastic, overly serious way that assumes rapport.

Overall, David shared some kick-ass awesome stuff with us this day. But unfortuneately, all the good stuff quickly got forgotten about once the guest speakers started…

The Bad

Okay, so I covered all the Good that took place on Friday, the second day of the seminar. Now it's time to touch on the bad, and overall, Day 2 was probably the WORST day of the seminar, bar none. It really had nothing to do with David D himself, especially since he seemed to be loosening up from the day before and not snapping as much, though he did have a tendency to harshly make fun of a few of the seminar attendees on stage, but that didn't happen often enough to make it a big deal.

Where the whole thing started to unravel was with the two Guest Speakers that were there to share their views on Dating, Seduction, and what have you. Now, I'm a pretty open minded guy (at least, I like to think so), but these two speakers really tested the boundaries of my bullshit limits. It was so bad, that many of the invited speakers were seriously considering not coming back for Day 3, especially since a good deal of them did not like David X's interview all that much.

The first blow was with Tari, who's Interview CD came out last month. It's obvious why women go for him. He's an archetype I've seen many times before. The cool, aloof, artsy, woman trapped in a good looking man's body. He's very much the Dandy, but the type of Dandy that women fall in love with, marry, and wake up ten years later to find that he's been pumping other dudes in the ass all along while lying to himself that he likes chicks.

Seriously, this guy was G-A-Y. Even three dollar bills would have thought this guy was way beyond a flamer. Up on stage, he announced to everyone that he's a self-professed metrosexual. Which is okay, I guess, but when you combine being a metrosexual with limp-wristed wu-wu mentality, you get a dude straight out of West Hollywood, which is exactly where this Tari guy seemed to belong.

I had heard a bit of Tari's interview the week before, as Swinggcat played it in his car as we were on our way to a club. He sounded Gay even then, with his effeminate voice and soft spoken-tone. His voice almost reminded me of Orion's to a certain extent. But that parallel with Orion didn't stop there. After listening to him speak, it became clear that Tari would make the perfect posterboy for "Rapid Romance."

His philosophy was very much about telling women how you feel and express yourself to them. He does have a bit of cocky/funny and other tactics in his game, but this stuff is so basic, it made people's eyes roll. Pretty much the PUA equivalent of listening to a kindergartener reciting his ABCs. The part of the interview that this was most obvious was when Tari turned to the audience and said "Here's something that I've just discovered which is truly amazing. And that's that the more women I've been with, the more I realize that… all women are bisexual!" @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics