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DYD Mastery Recap, Day One --By Thundercat

David X spoke about how men get self-conscious about looking at women. They think looking at a woman makes her feel uncomfortable and that they shouldn't appraise them noticeably. However, David X was sure to point out that women want to look good for men, which is why they spend so much time in the bathroom getting ready. Therefore, you should rejoice and celebrate a woman's beauty, and not be ashamed of enjoying it.

He went on to say that being a real man is knowing what you want and going after what you want. He pointed out that men are naturally emotionally weaker than women, and that we shouldn't accept that and go along with it. He said that the weaker you are emotionally, the more the manipulators grab you. He likes to say that "You can teach a stupid guy, but you can never train an evil woman." Therefore, don't be manipulated. If the woman doesn't enjoy sex, leave them. Don't believe what women (the stronger sex, emotionally) say. Set your focus, your goal, build YOUR fantasy, and then GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!

David X suggested starting low in terms of women in the "looks" department, go for girls you can get at your current skill level, then work your way up.

David X's belief is that you have to act like a man in order to get a woman. Part of being a man is knowing what you want out of life and knowing where you're going. There are 3 basic things you need to embody in order to do that:

1.  Honesty

2.  Trust

3.  Respect

The biggest part of David X's method is "Be Honest With Women." He points out that lots of guys approach women without representing the truth. He encourages guys to think out loud and tell women the truth. His basic defense of this theory is "What do you have to hide for?" Telling the truth demonstrates having strength. Women want to feel your strength and want a guy who knows where he's going. This equates to them feeling taken care of.

David X talked about having a sense of humor, and about how in order to have a sense of humor, you have to be yourself. But by "being yourself," this means the "yourself" that isn't inhibited by your fears. The notion of "Fear" is not a part of who you are, rather, your raw thoughts and feelings are what make you up.

David X ended his interview by talking about how a man's biggest problem is his biggest fear, and the only way to overcome that fear is deciding what you want, and not feel bad about wanting it.

If you're interested in personal coaching by David X, you can email him at, or call him up directly at 514-935-7914. You can also contact his business partner, Cliff, at and visit his website at

The Bad

As with everything in life, there is a dark side, and not all was peaches and cream at the DYD seminar. One of the things that was very noticeable right up front was the tension among David D's staff. It was obvious to a great many people the staff seemed to be walking on eggshells around David, who routinely snapped at them over tiny details (in front of his audience, no less).

The audience was also put off by David DeAngelo asking the everyone hold their questions and ask them later on. Many people felt this stifled any dialogue or free exchange between teacher and student, and made it seem like David cared more about staying on schedule than making sure his audience was learning. However, I can say after hearing a few questions this audience asked, it's probably a good thing he minimized his interaction with them while on stage.

David D. also seemed quite irritable with his audience, snapping at people who would come in late from the break or what have you. Obviously, people are going to need to go to the bathroom and get out of their seats for various reasons. But then again, this was a product he was making, so I can understand why David wanted as little outside interference as possible during the production. However, that didn't make it seem any less rude. Most of the people at the seminar were paying to be there, and I personally thought this was in bad taste to yell or snap at them. I am happy to say this behavior subsided as the seminar went on.

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