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DYD Masters Recap, Day Three -- By Thundercat

After diner was over, Mystery, Herbal, and a few others headed back home, while the rest of us hit the bars. We went to two different bars that night. I got to see Craig clown around a bit, which was awesome. He had a new trick where he'd act really into a girl and suddenly, when she was ready to talk, whip out his cell phone a scream "HEEEEYYYYY!!!! WUZ UUUUUUPPPPPPP????!!!!" and then act like he was obnoxiously talking into his cell, ignoring the girl. It was too fucking funny. He did this with one set I pulled over for him. Eventually, they got insulted and started walking away. Craig chased after them yelling "Hey guys! Guys wait! Wait!" As soon as they turned around and looked at him, he whipped out his cell again, backturned, and screamed "HEEEEYYYYY!!!!" Everyone watching this busted up laughing. The girls walked away emotionally destroyed. It was hilarious.

Eventually, I teamed up with Rick H and did a few sets. While walking around the bar, every ugly girl he'd see, he'd turn to me and say "Uh, dude, tell your girlfriend to stop following us around." Turns out Rick H's ball busting doesn't stop with girls. It was funny shit though. I eventually pulled two girls over to him at the bar and got to see his game a bit. First thing he does is grab their palms, look them over, and trace his finger over them, saying "You got the sexual adventurism fork." They of course ask what that means. He tells them "Well, it means one of three things. Those with the fork are either fetishists, exhibitionists, or… bisexual." He then told them that they both have the forks.

The girls laughed. Rick H then did a full palm reading on the hot one. She seemed really into it. He then asked her "What kind of girls do you like?" She said "I'm not into girls. I like guys." Rick responded "No, you just like guys more." He probably could have gotten her if her friend hadn't dragged her off, since the girl he was talking to (a really cute blond chick) seemed into it. After they were gone he started making fun of them for having fat asses (even though, at least in one of their cases, that wasn't true).

I then talked to Rick a bit about Las Vegas, and I told him that last time I was out there, I kept running into prostitutes. I asked him if he's ever gotten the hookers in Vegas into bed without paying, and he told me "all the time." He talked about his system for doing it, where he'll usually get them early in the night, before lots of business is thrown their way, and he'll be really funny about it. If she says:

"I'm working." He'll respond:

Rick: "Oh… yeah… um… well, you wanna know how to get a lot of customers?" Her: "Sure."

Rick: "Well, you need to get warmed up first. You're too, uh, too normal right now. You gotta have sex. You gotta have sex and get warmed up. You have sex, you get all riled up, come back down to the casino stinking like sex, and guys will flock to you like bees to honey, honey. C'mon, let's go, up to my room and get you warmed up."

Her: (laughing) "Oh, I don't know…"

Rick: "It's good for you. It's good for you. It's in your own best interest. It's in your own best interest. C'mon."

Rick said that for some reason, the key to making it work is saying "It's good for you," and "It's in your own best interest." But you have to say them twice, otherwise it doesn't work. He told me stories about how many prostitutes he's gotten off the clock using that routine. This was really interesting because it works on many, many levels. First, it sets the frame that she's "not on the clock," quite yet. Second, it sets things up that you're not a customer. Third, you set the frame that she needs to have sex before she can make money. And

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