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DYD Masters Recap, Day Three -- By Thundercat

I think this little exchange also affect Tyler's final presentation, because Mystery set such a power standard, that up on stage, even though RSD and Tyler are now the stars of DYD, Tyler looked second fiddle to Mystery. When I talked to Mystery about this later on, he told me that wasn't his intention when he did it, but that's how it came off looking like in the long run in my humble opinion.

Another little tid-bit of gossip was that there were a number of RSD guys at the seminar on Saturday for Day 3. Sickboy, The One, Xaneus, PlayboyLA, and Papa were all present, in addition to Twentysix, Orion, and Tyler. Of special note were the "mini-Papas" also known as the RSD interns.

At one point, The One and Twentysix were outside the seminar room manning the table for the RSD workshop sign up, which was opposite the DYD seminar check-in table being manned by one of David D's employees. In true form, The One and Twentysix were talking about jerking off, and the various tactics they employ in doing so. The One prefers a vitamin rich lube full of vitamins A, C, and D. "Not only is it practical, but it enriches your cock at the same time," The One was quoted as saying. Twentysix, disagreed, and prefers to go after his rodney dry, focusing on the head and pumping furiously. Of course, this discussion escalated into a debate about which method of flounder pounding was better, and seemed to offend the DYD employee manning the door. He complained to David D, who in turn scolded The One and Twentysix about jerking off in public places.

Also of note, when Marie was speaking, she kept talking about how every one wants to find "The One." Meaning, of course, that one special man. However, we all joked about the RSD instructor, The One, who's nick-name finally made sense after years of everyone making fun of him for employing a third person imperative as his nic. It seems The One is very popular among the ladies world wide. =)

During the Major Mark speech, a few former SSers had to leave the room. I guess either they didn't want to go into trance while listening to him, or there were too many negative anchors associated to the NLP stuff.

After the seminar ended, major Mark and Steve Piccus did an impromptu seminar on belief work that seemed to go over well. I'm told it lasted 4 hours and those who attended really got a lot out of it.

One thing I was surprised to learn was that PlayboyLA, one of the RSD Superstars (and an AMAING pick-up artist in his own right. Seriously, this guy gives Tyler a run for his money) was a former student of Major Mark. Very interesting.

My Experience

Damn, this is already a long article. And it's about to get longer, considering I had some extremely interesting experiences this day.

I showed up late for the seminar (yet again) after a late night of drinking and sarging with my friends the night before, so I missed all the "damage control" talk David went through that morning.

But the fun really didn't begin until after the seminar ended. That night, I went out to dinner with a big group of people from the seminar. Those present were: Mystery, Swinggcat, Merovingian, Herbal T, Little Big Dick, Craig, a few other guys from the seminar, and the Legendary Rick H. We all went to P.F.Changs, which is a Chinese restaurant in the Santa Monica area and had a big dinner. It was fun to see all these big time PUAs eating, laughing, and joking around with each other. Good times had by all, and no egos involved either (very different from the first night's VIP dinner). It was all about having fun and being friends.

Of course, a few people started drinking at dinner and were getting rather tipsy as time went on, but that's to be expected. Herbal T and Mystery were talking business, since Mystery's presentation went over so well at the seminar. At the other end of the table, Craig, Rick H, and a few others were clowning around and exchanging stories about banging strippers. Mystery even made it a point to Pick-Up the hostess who was working at the time. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics