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DYD Masters Recap, Day Three -- By Thundercat

Major Mark was also cursing enough to make a sailor blush. Every other word was "fuck" or "fucking." But he had such an energy on stage that no one really minded the potty mouth.

The good Major talked about state control, and that if you have an handle on state control, at any given time you can feel any emotion you want. So if you're feeling bad, if you can control your state, you can instantly slip into feeling good. He said the trick to this is being outside your head and feeling calm, relaxed, and playful (all of which he presented as imbedded commands, btw).

He went on to discuss Limiting Beliefs. He said that everyone only has 1 limiting belief, and that is that they believe there are things called "limiting beliefs." He said beliefs don't exist, rather, they are thought forms that were not in existence until you created them. He said you CHOOSE to have a limiting belief, and that every moment of the day, all you're doing is rehearsing that limitation.

Major Mark says that you are in direct control of what you believe, and that it only takes you 1 time to learn something. If it takes you more than once to learn something, you're learning the wrong thing. For instance, he asked if you've ever touched a hot stove, and then asked how many times it took you to learn not to touch a hot stove. Once. Point illustrated.

He said "Don't practice failing. Practice success. If you go into trance (imbedded command) and practice success (another imbed), it will work (future projection) ."

Major Mark also talked about trance work, and how reality is infinitely malleable. I'd go deeper into what he talked about, but I'm afraid I wouldn't do it justice (plus, this review is getting crazy long!). I know Major Mark has another seminar coming up soon. You can find out more information on his website I highly suggest any of you dealing with inner game issues or those of you interested in hypnosis/NLP check it out. Let him know you heard about him from Thundercat's Seduction Lair.


The Bad

There was very little bad this day, since the guest speakers were all so amazing and David D seemed to be finding his stride and getting relaxed presenting material. One thing was that David D spent most of the morning on Day 3 doing damage control over Amber and explaining to the audience why what she was saying was relatable to life and dating. Many of the students began to understand why he had her in the seminar, but almost everyone would have liked it if David had presented this material BEFORE Amber took the stage.

Another bad, and this is just a personal one, was that I wish Rick H had more stage time. I would have liked it if David had gotten him to talk about more of his exploits and philosophy with women, since it was so fascinating. But I hear he plans on interviewing him for his Interview Series, so maybe it'll get more in depth there.

The Ugly

Not a whole lot of Ugly, but some noteworthy ones. The first of which was Mystery's AMOG battle with Tyler up on stage. I don't think Mystery was consciously doing it, but he really tooled Tyler up there. First of all, he got Tyler up on stage and made him his performance monkey by telling him to recite Openers for the crowd. It seemed like Tyler may have been a bit apprehensive doing it, but he did so anyway. Mystery definitely had the power in the dynamic on stage, and this wasn't more apparent than when the AMOGing started.

At first, Mystery had the upper hand in the AMOG battle, but Tyler quickly recovered and started tooling Mystery and his presentation. Mystery then said Tyler wins the battle, kicked him off stage, then got in the last word once he had the stage back to himself. I don't think it was a malicious thing, or intentional on Mystery's part. I read it that he was so comfortable on stage, that he was just goofing around with a friend of his (they do this sort of thing all the time in private) . However, it was obvious Tyler was aware that this was being recorded for posterity and didn't want to get into it with Mystery. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics