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DYD Masters Recap, Day Three -- By Thundercat

extremely flattering to me, and I hope David D keeps it in his final product, as I could use the advertising, lol.

Mystery also took the opportunity to brag about Mystery's Lounge, and how it's a message board with around 80 of the best Ladies Men in the world all exchanging ideas and tactics on success with women, business, and health. If that makes it into the final product, you can bet there will be billions of searches for Mystery's Lounge and people begging to get in. Makes those of us who are members feel more than a little self-important, I admit. =)

The next step to Opening was to install a "plotline." Basically, Mystery said that you want to convince others that you and the target don't get along. By not getting along with your target, you engage the others in the group. He also spoke about how you have to have your own style. He recommended being enthusiastic about what you talk about (enthusiasm is contagious) . You have to possess a strong identity and convey that Identity quickly.

The most important thing Mystery said was that you have to practice your skills out in the field. He said some routines are too long to Open with, so you start with short ones and move into longer ones. He made the distinction that you are a performing artist and have to get good at delivering your material before your audience.

Now, I have, literally, 6-7 pages of notes on what Mystery covered, and what he was talking about was SO good, that David D gave him some extra time on stage. Mystery got into comfort building and a variety of other topics, but I'm not gonna get into them here. You can get the full range of what Mystery talked about when the Masters product comes out, or you can sign up for a Mystery Method Seminar at You can also e-mail Herbal T, Mystery's business partner, at

Mystery had a huge round of applause after getting off stage. Next up, David D had another female come and join him on stage. This woman actually WAS Marie, from his interview series, who wrote the book "How to Make Women Like You." This interview was very different from the Amber one. For once, David D actually seemed to have RAPPORT with one of his guests (novel idea, I know, lol) . Marie and David were completely at ease with each other and actually had some playful banter going.

David talked about how he was contacted by Marie and how their relationship grew over the phone. He also recounted how he first met her in New York at the bar she worked at, and an intentionally cheesy pick-up he did on her to introduce himself. It was a funny little anecdote, and set the stage for the interview.

Listening to Marie talk was a breath of fresh air after the miserableness that was Amber. Marie really seemed to understand the male way of thinking and was able to bridge the gap between that and her female sensibilities really well. She talked about how a lot of women out there have low-self esteem and are looking for relationships.

One of her tips was that you should take age into consideration when trying to get a woman. The older women go for relationship stuff much easier than the younger girls who are more interested in partying.

She said that nothing is more attractive than a man with a strong sense of self. Usually, women don't know where guys are coming from or where they stand on what they believe in. They want someone who's clear about his values, how he spends his time, and what he believes in. Being able to systematically convey who you are conveys integrity (which made more sense than Amber's "pushing through honey" exercise to bring that forth).

She also discussed that women notice details, like shoes. And that if you ever want to engage a woman in conversation, just talk about shoes since it's a favorite subject of many women. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics