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DYD Masters Recap, Day Three -- By Thundercat

Mystery talked about the fallacy of "being yourself." He told the audience that if what you're doing isn't working, you need to change yourself so that it IS working.

He then wrote out his model for pick-up on stage. For those of you who don't know how Mystery Method breaks down, its really intricate, but for the initial pick-up, it's a three step method:

Attraction --> Comfort --> Seduction

Mystery talked about the mistakes most guys do when picking up a woman, and how you need to follow a linear course of action when doing so if you want to successfully get her.

He started by talking about Seduction, and how if you start with seduction, you rely on fool's mate to get laid (ie; Getting "Lucky") . By skipping attraction and comfort, you might be able to get a chick, but you'll encounter a lot of last minute resistance and high buyer's remorse. Mystery talked about how most guys just want to get to the Seduction stage fast and ignore everything else. He went on to elaborate…

Mystery: "I see two problems with this way of thinking. And that's "Speed" and "Seduction."

At that, everyone cracked-up. Huge laughter and applause. Of course, you could see David DeAngelo visibly cringe in the back of the room at this joke. Mystery made a few other references to SS and MINE'99 during his talk, and each time it looked like David D had gotten punched in the fuckin' face, Jlaix style, knowing he's going to have to figure out a way to cut that stuff out of his final product.

Mystery talked about comfort, and how every AFC uses that stage to try and get a girl. Women deal with this stage all the time, and have protection (or "bitch") shield issues with it.

He then spoke about how you need to start off every interaction with a girl with attraction, and after attraction you must qualify her by asking her questions.

But as important as attraction is, Mystery pointed out that the game is played in the "Comfort" stage of the interaction, and that it usually takes 7 hours from meet to close (ie: sex) . That's an average. It can take anywhere between 4 to 10 hours, but usually 7 (6 hours of which are in Comfort).

He went on to break down his method like this:

Attraction + Comfort = Seduction

Each phase has three smaller stages.

Mystery Method


1. Open

2. Female to Male Attract (Make the woman attracted to us first)

3. Male to Female Attract (Find out what qualities she possesses and then use those to tell her you're attracted to her)


4. Comfort    1   (Build Rapport)

5. Comfort    2   (Go for phone number, build intimacy, hand holing,     kino, etc)

6. Comfort    3   (Heavy intimacy, kissing, making out)



7.  Arousal

8.  Last Minute Resistance

9.  Sex

Mystery said because of time, he's only going to focus on "Opening" and "Female to Male Attract" phase. The first thing he talked about was Opening. Mystery said that on the average, groups of 3 (3-sets) are the best to open. You have to initiate the chat in a way where you don't alienate the men/ugs/friends of your target.

Mystery then called Tyler Durden up to the stage to demonstrate a few "canned" Openers. Tyler came up and did the David Bowie Opener and one other one (forget what it was). Tyler and Mystery then got into a fake AMOG battle on stage which was amusing to those that knew what they were doing, but confusing to everyone else. Mystery got in the last word as Tyler sat back down at his seat.

Mystery then took that opportunity to plug my book, The Art of Approaching, and said that he recommends it to anyone who wants to get good at Opening. This was @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics