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DYD Masters Recap, Day Three -- By Thundercat

author:          "Thundercat"
date:             Sat 16 Feb 2003 20:12 GMT
subject:       DYD Masters Recap, Day Three ...Mystery hadn't been there in the morning, but when we came back, I saw him in the seminar room getting ready ...

Okay, more DYD stuff for all of you today, and you're in for a special treat.

As I said before, I thought Day 1 was really good, but Day 2 was horrible. However, in my opinion, Day 3 was the best of the best, and really blew any other seminar/product/what have you out of the water in my opinion. Why? Because of three things:

1. Mystery

2. Rick H

3. Major Mark Cunningham

That's right! On Day three, you had the clash of the titans take the stage! The Trifecta of ultimate PUA knowledge in the universe was present at the DYD Masters seminar and in my opinion, totally REDEFINED what it means to be a master! You have Mystery, arguably the best pick-up artist in the world. You have the legendary Rick H, who's prowess and exploits with women has yet to be matched, and you have Major Mark Cunningham, probably the leading hypnotist out there when it comes to restructuring belief systems.

After the horror that was Day 2, Day 3 comes in and totally redeems the Masters Seminar and sets the stage for what is to come.

So without further ado, onto Day 3 recap…

The Good

After Day 2, I really wasn't that jazzed about going back to the seminar, but I knew that it was going to get better from here on out just because of the quality of the guest speakers that were going to take the stage. David D took the stage in the morning and revealed even more of his material, which was actually pretty racy, as I think he was gearing up for the speakers who were about to present some mind-blowing stuff.

David D talked about dominance, and the look of the killer. He discussed Sexual Communication as a primal way of communicating, using body language, voice tone, and abstract patterns of behavior. How it triggers strong physical and emotional responses directly, without the use of logic or reasoning.

He talked about elements of sexual communication, those being: Honest Signals, Status, Liking, how Super-Sized Friendship won't work, and how Logic and Reasoning are the enemy.

He then talked about a four step process for Sexual Communication and how to gradually increase it. The first step is sparking attraction, the second is building sexual tension, the third is amplifying the attraction, and the fourth is physically advancing.

After David D finished talking about this, we breaked for lunch. People were definitely in better spirits than the day before. Swinggcat, Little Big Dick, one of the seminar attendees, and I all went to lunch and came back to the seminar refreshed and ready to go.

Mystery hadn't been there in the morning, but when we came back, I saw him in the seminar room getting ready to go on stage. He was conspicuous in his "Non-Peacock" attire, instead wearing a nice business suit with his hair long, falling on his shoulders. He was, however, wearing his Amsterdam cowboy boots, so he wasn't completely conforming.

I shook his hand briefly and wished him luck, then got ready to take a buttload of notes because I knew Mystery was gonna get rolling once up on stage. After everyone took their seats, David D got up on stage and gave Mystery a really great introduction. Mystery hopped up on stage and instantly owned the room, and David D let him have the stage all to himself. The first thing he did was some slight of hand with some Listerine breath strips while talking about who he was (disappearing breath strips, mystery, get it?).

As Mystery got into his spiel, I almost forgot I was at a DYD seminar. Mystery's presentation style is so animated and funny and interesting that you just get lost in what he shares with you. He was up on stage with spotlights glaring, using the oversized easel-pads to write on, and for a minute, you began to think that this was Mystery's seminar and not David D's. This is where he belonged, on stage in front of hundreds of people. Obviously, he's had a lot of practice being a magician, but his energy as a public speaker is amazing, and lets you know the potential he has to be a real force in the self-help market.

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