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DYD Masters Recap, Day Four -- By Thundercat

author:          "Thundercat"
date:             Sat 16 Feb 2003 10:12 GMT
subject:       Masters Recap, Day Four ...The day before, I had heard that Day 4 was going to be nothing but guest speakers, so I was sure to actually show up on time...

Okay guys, here we go again with my last recap of the DYD Masters Seminar. What a great experience this turned out to be. Whenever I go to one of these seminars, I always come out feeling like I learned something. And you do meet interesting people at these things. That's one of my favorite parts of going to events such as this, because you always come out having met lots of interesting people, and even a few new friends.

The last day of the Seminar, in my opinion, wasn't as good as Day 3, but it came awful close, mostly due to Swinggcat and the Real Social Dynamics crew sharing some amazing stuff with the audience.

The Good

The day before, I had heard that Day 4 was going to be nothing but guest speakers, so I was sure to actually show up on time this day (though that was quite an ordeal, seeing as how I was out late with Rick H and crew the night before) . I had enjoyed the guest speakers so much on Day 3, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any of the ones presenting on Day 4.

But David D took the stage yet again in the morning to share his last bit of new material with his audience. The attendees had thinned out a bit on this day, since I'm thinking most of them probably had to catch flights back home so they could be back for work on Monday. Also, all the RSD boys were absent, probably recovering from the night before.

David D talked about the kind of tests women through at you to make you jump through hoops. These included the following:

-    -Acting jealous to make you change how you behave

-    -Complaining about something you do emotionally

-    -Using affection or sex as a tool to get what they want and rationing it

-    -Being unavailable

-    -Mentioning that other men are interested in her to see how you'll respond.

He went on to say that women will act differently if you're one of the guys who "gets it." You can say "Stop that stuff" in response to her tests and she'll know what you mean. You won't feel out of control all the time, and she'll feel more satisfied in general.

He also went on to talk about Universal Problems for Guys when it comes to approaching women. They are:

-    -Anxiety approaching women, fear of rejection

-    -Fear that an attractive woman won't like them

-    -Performance anxiety

-    -Fear of making a physical advance

-    -Nervousness first talking to a woman or on a first date

One common denominator among most men is them putting too much importance on one specific situation or outcome rather than placing the importance on getting the bigger picture. David D reminded us that these things are universal. Almost all men experience them in one way or another. You need to realize that this stuff is natural and you can overcome it if you want. The first step to doing so is to stop putting too much importance on any one situation and thinking long term.

David D then went on to outline his key principals for approaching women. They are:

-    -Now is better than later (sort of like the 3 second rule)

-    -Saying anything is better than saying nothing

-    -It's all upside, no downside (you lose nothing by approaching a woman)

-    -If this one doesn't work, there will be 100 more women later (plenty of fish in the sea)

-    -At worst, I learn something, and the lessons that are learned are priceless

-    -Have one default thing ready to say

-    -If she doesn't go for you, it's her loss

If you have an interest in learning more about approaching women, be sure to check out my book The Art of Approaching.

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