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"Saturday Night" -An Article profiled Mystery

But later, as the club was about to close, the standoffish young woman approached Mystery and apologized. She explains, in her Russian accent, "Something about him made me go back. Part of it was that I was mean to him, and I felt bad." Encouraged, Mystery quickly deployed his method. He made an offhand comment about his job, expecting that his oblique reference would lead her to ask what he did for a living, which she did. And that was all the segue he needed to begin one of his pre-constructed and rehearsed "routines," a story about Mystery at 17 going to see David Copperfield, which made him resolve to become an illusionist. The story involves Mystery bor-rowing money from his mother to buy a ticket to go to the magic show, then working to pay her back. It's intended to convey attractive aspects of his per-sonality: innocence, honor and a goofiness that women are supposed to find beguiling. As he was wrapping up the anecdote, Mystery explained with regret that he had to cut the conversation short. He was at the club with a friend, and had to get back to keep him company. "It's too bad we can't continue the conversation;' he said, turning to leave."But we can;' said the girl, producing a card and a pen, which she used to write down her phone number. Two weeks later, she moved into Mystery's house. And three days after that, Mystery posted his momentous announcement on the Fast Seduction Web site.

The young woman's name is Katya Sitnikova. Born in Russia, she's a 22-year-old part-time model who works as a makeup artist in the entertainment industry in L.A. "I liked that he wasn't talking about picking me up;" recalls Sitnikova. "Most guys in L.A. ask you for your phone number in the first minute they're talking to you. But Mystery wasn't pushy. He was just very easygoing, and he made me feel comfortable around him."

Mystery's announcement about Katya puzzled many of his PUA peers. The Internet video clip he posted along with the announcement provoked a similar reaction. Over a soundtrack of Top 40 love ballads, Mystery films Sitnikova gamboling sylph-like about their home, dressed in a towel, putting on makeup and getting dressed. But most of all, the movie shows Mystery and Sitnikova kissing; quick pecks, languorous open-mouth sessions and everything in between. The pair seems deeply in love. That's what puzzled the seduction community: how had she snared him? How had she finally tamed the greatest pickup artist of them all?

For his part, Mystery says he initially made the video to show his new girlfriend to his family. He posted the video on his Web site,, at a secret location. And once the movie was online, it was an afterthought to post the location on the message board fre-quented by most of his friends and clients. "I'm proud of her," he says. "It was like, hey guys, I'm happy. I met a girl."

So what was it about Sitnikova that enabled her to snare the great Mystery? "She's so cheerful she bounces," he says. "And she laughs at all my crummy jokes. There's nothing more alluring than that." And, actually, it seems Mystery isn't all that hard to snare. His life has been a sequence of intense relationships. Mystery falls often. And when he falls, he falls hard.

Here's the final irony: the man who just might be North America's greatest pickup artist decries the term when it's applied to him. He prefers to see him-self as an illusionist— one who happens to make a living teaching others to connect with women. Mystery is eager to distance himself from the more sex-mad faction of the seduction community, which he increasingly regards as juvenile. He says, "Look, I don't want to be like the guy in Magnolia." He refers to Frank T.J. Mackey, a predatory dating consultant played by Tom Cruise in the 1999 film, for whom sex seems the ultimate end to all human relationships. "I am not a pickup artist. It enriches my life. It doesn't define me;" says Mystery, somewhat disingenuously. His point is that what he aims for, and what he has always been aiming for, isn't just sex. He's always wanted a girlfriend.

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