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Being High Maintenance

>How do you let on that you're high maintenance and that they'd better treat you like a king? I'm pretty direct about this.

Most of the time I'll just say, "Something I've discovered about myself is that, (pause for effect) I'm high maintenance. I like back rubs, receiving love notes, breakfast in bed, that sort of stuff. I like it when girls take care of me."

Funny that this should come up. Just last night my teenage girlfriend showed up at my door with a red rose in a vase and a love note. Awww, she is so thoughtful. (By the way, those taking my Denver workshop may get a chance to meet her cause she's coming out with me since we might go white water rafting later that week.)

Anyway, of course, I remember telling her early on all about me being high maintenance. At the time she just shook her head, but now, during our 'relationship', she is providing the maintenance she knows I need.

Keep in mind, telling her I'm high maintenance is in no way a tactic to get her in bed. It comes from the heart. It is a way of letting her know what I want.

She probably won't begin giving me a back rub right there during the sarge (although this does happen much more than it has a right to) but it is a thought that I am planting, to guide the rest of the interaction/relationship.

You may want different types of behaviors from a girl. Some guys only want a girl to come over have sex and then leave. Some guys want a girl who is up for going out and picking up other girls for threesomes. The point is, whatever YOU want is what you should relate here.

By Jugglar

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