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Interview For Wilder

Read the transcript from our telephone interview with Wilder here.

1. Introduction and Project San Francisco

You're listening to Magnus, of the Bristol Lair, and on the other end of a very long phone line, we've got Wilder, and - well, I'll ask him to introduce himself.

My name's Wilder, I'm in San Francisco, I'm 33. I've lived in San Francisco for about 10 years, before that I was on the East Coast of the US. I actually started Project San Francisco, we live in a 9 bedroom mansion in North Beach. There are 6 other guys besides myself in the place, one of them is my business parter and Mystery's Lounge member Sensei, who has possibly the tightest game of anybody outside Mystery and TD of anybody that I've ever met. On top of that there's 5 other guys who are all to some degree or another involved in the scene. 2 of them are or have been Mystery's Lounge members, everybody else is on mASF or our local lair list.

So you met them through the scene, and invited them to live with you?

I actually met Sensei through the RSD crew, when I got back here I ended up meeting up with him. We started this place, he knew two guys and we pulled in three other guys from the scene.

How does that work out, there's been quite a bit of controversy at Project Hollywood where various people have been saying it's not a good idea to live with other PUAs.

Mystery visited up here and said that Project San Francisco was a model for all Projects in whatever city. We've really hit the ball out of the park with this place, the guys are fantastic, we only have one pick-up crew running out of the house business-wise, so we don't have any business conflicts. Everybody is friends. We have an amazing infrastructure. We have weekly business meetings and dinners, monthly parties. We run a really tight ship here.

Are there specific rules that you have with the guys that you live with to make sure there's no problems living together, and relating to pick-up.

We have quiet hour, during the week starting at 10 or 11, so if we pull on a weeknight we have to be quiet. We don't end up fighting for targets. We all know that whoever opens the set has first shot. We haven't really ended up having any squabbling over targets or anything like that.

Sounds like you've got a good thing going, we were hoping to get something going in Bristol but now I'm going travelling and various other things. It might come to pass in the future, We'll have to be in touch in to find out how you make it work.

It takes a lot of work but it's worth it. It's a really, really great experience.

What sort of location is it?

We're at the corner of North Beach, Chinatown and Russian Hill, basically close to one of the nightclub/strip club districts. It's a really good location, it's exactly where we'd put this place if we could put it anywhere in the city.

Joining the Community

How did you personally get into the game, and find out about all the websites and the community?

That's a great question. I first got laid when I was 19, so perhaps I'm a late starter, and I think because I was a late starter, it took so long to get going, I was very motivated to I wanted to get to a level that most people took for granted. I never found the scene until I was 30. At 25 I was just passing the mark when I was better than average, but that was all strictly learning on my own - no specific focus on pick-up, it was just something I was always interested in. So at 30 I was better than most. Around 31 I found the scene, I was doing a course in hypnotherapy, and one of the guys told me his roommate told him about a site that talked about using NLP. I found and did part of RJ's Speed Seduction course. That's not really a part of my game, but that was my first exposure. Then I found DYD, I think I did the first DYD CD audio series. Then I ended up sending off for the interview series which came with the TD interview, from there I went to the RSD workshop, and also found out about the San Francisco and LA lairs. When I went to the RSD workshop I met Mystery and TD and Papa, and got invited to the Lounge, from there I met all the other guys, and my current wing. When I went to the RSD seminar I had everything down except my cold game. All my relationship game and social circle game was pretty tight. So when I went there I got invited into the upper ranks alot sooner than people who have just found the scene.

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