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Natural Pickup Artist

Logan: I've just found a post by Michael S. that reminds me a lot of what my friend is doing.

Here's what I think is relevant:

(1). The guy's attitude towards HB is somewhat aloof and totally natural. I can't imagine him ever getting nervous around a woman, even internally.

(2). He conveys a sense of innocence and softness that is very inviting. His speech is slow, gentle. He's very much in a world of his own most of the time.

Overall, the best explanation I can think of comes from the list of seducer types given by Robert Greene in his book "The Art of Seduction". One of these is the "Innocent", someone who lures people in with the charm of a kind of childlike simplicity and naivete.

One possibility is this: the guy is moderately good looking, but not enough that a woman would go crazy for him just because of that. An HB will see him as the kind of guy they can easily have. However, unlike most of the guys around that the HB could easily have, this guy is genuinely comfortable around her, and genuinely doesn't think of her as something special. This pushes her challenge buttons in a big way.

I want to understand this style of attracting women to a level where I can express it in concrete strategies.

One move comes to mind: the central character of the French film "Un Coeur en Hiver" is also very soft-spoken and reserved and blank-faced and aloof, yet gets hottie Emanuelle Beart desperately chasing him. This reminds me a lot of my friend.

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