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Natural Pickup Artist

Logan: The one thing that seems to be common to all of the different people who fit this description is that they speak, move and act SLOWLY. They also tend to be mostly blank-faced, or to have a limited range of facial expressions.

This is not news to those who have bought Sisonpyh's book or read his material. He also recommends slowing down one's movements, even one's blinking. Come to think of it, Mystery also says he slows down his speech when he is in a seductive phase of the PU.

My friend, who swears he doesn't consciously DO anything, gives the impression of being on a different wavelength from everybody else. It's like his whole mode of being is slightly slower than everyone else...people have a distinctive rhythm in their behavior and speech. My friend's rhythm is soft and slow and's a kind of rhythm of being, if you like.

I definitely think that "aggressive" PU a la Mystery is far better at getting more girls. My friend only attracts the girls who he happens to meet from time to time. He could never do an approach, I'm sure of that.

But it's good to have more things in the arsenal. I think this kind of PU, assuming it's learnable, could work well with people who see you on a regular basis. I have found that with HBs who I see anyway, a distant, mellow, and indifferent persona quickly raises a lot of interest.

Final D: Yeah. Also, when you have the flu. I was out today but really shouldn't have been, after a 28 hour sleep. Just had to get out of the house. Fever had broken, finally I'm consuming solid foods again, you know the drill. And I imposed my lazy-assed self on a cute red-head at the local Barnes And Noble Dot Fucking Thoughtless Books Com. Heh. Anyway, the lugubrious nature of my approach was pre-determined by my own lack of blood-sugar, and a thought occurred to me:

This is the way I act right after I've been right royally fucked. If I get some seriously strenuous good sex -- the kind that makes you sweat lots and gets you weak in the knees and sore all over -- I tend to have a loosey-goosey, devil-may-care, insouciant air. I dunno, there are probably better adjectives, I don't care, I don't want to try to get the right word, I'm tired.

See my point?

Anyway, it seems to me that this whole congruence of effect is, that you DON'T CARE. Don't care is a mighty aphrodisiac.

The great advantage of this kind of PU is that it is effortless-- little actually needs to be done by the one who is doing it right.

Bad Form: There's got to be something you're missing. Try asking the chicks what they see in him. Try asking him again what he does, because he definitely does something if, in fact, he's "not all that special looking."

Once I had a friend who was a natural and asked him straight up what he did, and he said he didn't know. Then I started asking him more specific questions about how he related to girls and how he looked at them and what he did with his eyes and body and stuff and he poured out a bunch of really helpful stuff.. I just had to ask in the right way.

Most guys who are naturals can't 'describe' how they do it any more than you can 'describe' how you ride a bike. But start asking them more pointed questions and you'll get a better answer.

Danols: I can relate to know a friend of mine like that too. The best way I can put it is his innocent very sensitive child like way he carries himself, + the i don't care attitude and now that you mention it he is soft spoken too, listens good and is funny. Another thing i've noticed he knows how to give a seductive look.

Pilatus: ask the chix that are chasing him. Please! I mean, he must be very good looking, or he must have something in his looks that makes the girls want him. Or it doesn't have to be in his looks, it might be in the way he acts. is his attitude "I'm the shit", "i am the fucking prize".? We're all the fucking prize! Yes, YOU are too! Don't just sit on your ass, get out there, work this shit! You won't be getting anything if you sit in front of your PC. Don't look back, DON'T THINK TWICE, have a good time! @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics