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I was a late bloomer

author:         "Mystery"
date:              Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject:        Re: Some thoughts...

>The cool thing about you, Mystery, is that you apparently haven't always had
the success with women that you do now. This is not usually the case with the typical "ladies-man". You had to make fundamental changes in your life in order to improve your success with women. And by telling us about these changes, and how you made these changes, we (hopefully) can learn something about how to make similar changes in our lives.

Man, I was a late bloomer. I didnt have sex til I was 20. Im 26 now. My first girl was a 6 - and I was HAPPY. I mean, she let me touch her tits! !!! I remember knowing her for two weeks and going to her cousins birthday or something and I met her family there and later on she and I went for a walk. We walked to my fathers van and I was SO FUCKING SCARED. She held my hand and my heart was beating like mad. She then sorta pinned me up against the van and my head was bursting with my heatbeat. She then BANG! Kissed me and I was fucking blown away. I couldnt think. She put her tongue in my mouth and I was shocked! I mean, I didnt think she'd FRENCH me right away. I figured, maybe in a week or two sure but BANG, tongue in my mouth. I was a happy happy happy camper.

>See, someone who's always been successful with women would not be able to be
offer these sorts of insights. Nor would they need insights from us.

Thing is, I honestly think I'm getting better results than a person like this. I had a buddy who was like this. But I'm past him now. I know it.

><But this can totally
backfire if you're not regarded as such by those surrounding you.

I guess I mean acting like a REAL 10. This includes humility too. When your friends treat you like a 10, it all settle in nicely. You must convince them that you are a ladies man not by TELLING them, but rather just by them seeing it. So yes, it IS a wonderful snow-ball effect.

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