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Re: NEWBIE MISSION results-how to appoach

>I'm not trying to put you on the spot.. .I'm just trying to understand what role the Elvis script stuff plays in getting the results I'm looking for. you'll see :) give it a try on 20 women in a day.

>That is, the only women that are "prospects" for me right now are women that

I've never met before, and the social situation in which I'm encountering these women is one in which they are not expecting to be approached by and/or conversing with people they do not know.

Welcome to life. This is EVERYONE's main venue for girl getting. This is getting a little pathetic. Your going through the death throws of KNOWING you have to change and tunnel through this barrier that ALL pick-up artists went through.

>You've got 20,000 women on a campus walking or sitting or whatever, and they all have something that they are busy doing, and even if they are open to being approached by a stranger, they certainly aren't expecting it.

What a fucking excuse man! Fucking lame already. What, and NONE of these girls have time for SEX? You are nuts dude. You are creating an observational bias. You are WRONG. Tell him guys.

>So, it's only logical, given these circumstances, that a woman's first reaction when I approach her is to try to figure out the reason that I'm approaching her.

Yep. And when she cant figure out why you are talking to her because you arent hitting on her, she will find this intriguing. I KNOW :)

>Because of the situation, she's not likely to be too open
to ANYONE blatantly hitting on her, so if she detects this she's going to be putting up her defense mechanisms quickly.

Yes I agree. Seeing as talking about Elvis is NOT hitting on her ... fuck man, this is too painful for you isnt it? You are a very lonely man.

>That's not to say that this
can't be done; just that I haven't had much success with it and don't anticipate that I ever will.

Bye then.

>Note, however, that even if I approach a woman in a conversational, friendly, light-hearted, and funny way, without blatantly hitting on her, she's still going to be trying to figure out why this person she's never seen before is suddenly trying to strike up a conversation.

Yes thats true. And when you leave without having hit on her, she will feel insecure. Maybe she's not attractive to you. She will try harder now. She knows you are funny and playful and confident but you didnt hit on her. Confusing for her. You arent like all the others. You have a mystery abou you. Forget it man. Be lonely.

>I need to have an

approach that somehow assures her that I am not hitting on her, while also indicating some purpose other than that why I would be approaching her.

NOPE. You dont need a purpose. Your only purpose was to talk about Elvis. "Why di he do THAT?" Mysterious but playful.

>Otherwise, she's not going to understand, and she's not going to be willing to just sit there and chat and have a real good time. In a different social situation, yes, but in an environment like this, no way.

You are wrong - youll see.

>What I'm looking for is a way to approach women in an

UNNATURAL setting and somehow accomplish these two things:
1)     Determine how to contact her, or let her know how to contact me
2)     Establish in her an interest in getting to know me further

Not yet. Work on #2, fuck #1 for now. If you cant do the Elvis script successfully, you certainly wont be able to traverse the difficult road of the CLOSE effectively. Boy you need help.

>What I need is a way to

initiate a conversation that is appropriate and welcomed given the setting and provides the opportunity (framework) for me to work towards the goals described in the above paragraph.

Fuck already! Before you can run you must learn to walk. ELVIS rules! @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics