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Re: Hi again, and an ongoing encounter

author:         "Mystery"
date:             Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject:       Re: Hi again, and an ongoing encounter

>I didn't want to bother her too much while she was at work

BS excuse. If you dont BOTHER her, some other guy WILL - he'll BOTHER her pussy while you are at home bothering your HAND.

>I took out one of my business cards, wrote a short message on the
back of it (basically letting her know I was interested, and telling her I'd be
disappointed if she didn't call)
NEVER EVER EVER give a business card to a girl. Its impersonal and ALL the guys do it. She wont call. She throws it out. You cant just give a # expecting to get a call back. Thats absurd man. Write on a piece of paper and that is more personal. But still, you have to get HER #. Consider since you had the time crunch of a few seconds, "Have you ever been to The Acme Coffee Pub on Main St? Well, I'd like to meet you there sometime. Away from work ... I'll be hanging there with friends tonight. Drop on by. I've got pictures of my trip to Cancun I'm bringing down to show my friends ... ever been? I'll see you at 8pm ok? Im sure we have lots to talk about :)" write the name and address on the paper for her. Thats better. You have to get rid of the time constraint to begin seducing her. A # on a piece of paper wont seduce her. Get her out of the bad enviroment into one where you CAN work on her. Tell her to bring some girlfriends. When you leave, call up all your buddys and tell them you come on down to meet some girls.

>Needless to say, she hasn't called yet.

DOW! Ya think?!!!!

>But how could I go about finding out why she never called, or should
I even bother? It'll probably be another 2 weeks before I go back to the Bank
and see her again (unless I make an exception) . What should/could I do/say to
pursue this further? Feedback?

You BLEW it. You copped out HOPING this lame easy way out would work. She didnt call because you werent original, humorous, you didnt connect, you werent fun and playful, you didnt INTEREST her, you didnt spark off her curiousity. You then made her feel UNCOMFORTABLE when you came back. Its easier for her to ignore you than to go out with someone who isnt cool enough to meet me properly. It was a big lamo attempt. Sorry man, Ive done shit like this in my younger years too. It doesnt work. You could have simply invited her to another place where her friends and your friends could mingle. Ask her, "I plan on going out tonight, what with it being Friday. Whats a happening place?" When she tells you say, "I'd like to meet you there - you can buy me a drink." She'll say something shitty like, "I'll buy YOU a drink?" And you say, "Yes - if I bought YOU a drink, that would be bigtime stereotypically lame. You arent attracted to stereotypical guys ... are you?. Its cool to have a girl buy a guy a drink. So thats our plan tonight. Is there a pool table? Ok, You buy me a drink and I'll take care of the pool table. Fair? Ill see you there ... and I wont let you win and be easy on you with our game of pool! Bye :)"

See the logic here? Get her OUT of the BAD TIME CONTRAINT SITUATION and into YOUR TURF. PUBLIC TURF is safe turf.

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