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Re: A hello, and My past Friday night (3 strike outs)

author:         "Mystery"
date:            Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject:       Re: A hello, and My past Friday night (3 strike outs)

>Big whooping truth #1: It ain't gonna happen for you at clubs/bars. Why? You've got to have the "super mack" mentality and approach.

Clubs are TOUGH TURF. Women have their guard way up, and are going to have to be exceptionally impressed to give you so much as the time of day. How you gain their favorable opinion is highly debatable; this NG seems to favor the "negative hit" approach - which works quite wonderfully

I'm sorry to have to disagree. You need to be better at disarming them with humour. You CANNOT enter with SEX on the BRAIN. NO HITTING. NO PICKING UP. Have fun, make them laugh and convey confidence, connection, smile and humour. Then they will want you because every other guys doesnt do this. They do shit like give beers and other stereotypical mating ritual things. You dont do that and you are IN baby IN. Honest. You havent had a chance to work the club PROPERLY. You do NOT have to be a mack. Swear.

>Now, as how to handle that situation with the pen, I would have said something to the effect of, "WHAT? So you can write down one of those GEEKS' phone numbers? Shouldn't you be asking THEM for a pen to write down MY number!"

Funny and close to the mark, but putting down someone you dont know makes you look bad. Remove the geek part and keep the rest. The connotation of her wanting YOUR number will show that you THINK of them as not as QUALITY as you. But again, the real pick-up artist would have entered into the situation before this pen thing would have come up. A real artist would enter by meeting the men first. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics