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>And this conversation needs to be one that gets her involved in a

way that she really WANTS to be involved. And until I am struck by a divine intervention that uncovers something, anything that I can say to these women, I fear I could be cursed with a life of celibacy from this point forward, and thus, I am still yours truly, RightHandMan.

The NEWBIE MISSION is used to get USED to approaching women. The ELVIS is a sure thing entry and exit. Its tried and tested. SMILE when you say it. YOU were too nervous werent you? Now you have every excuse you can muster. Get it over with. Try and fail. Guts it out. NOW.

>I guess I'm hoping that this divine intervention comes in the form of someone on this newsgroup enlightening me with the right idea of what I might possibly be able to say. As it is now, I'm just like Mystery says when it comes to my ability to strike up a conversation.. .I'm "just another lamo."

Sorry to say buddy, but YEP. 100% NICE GUY, SHY GUY, LONELY GUY. LAMO GUY.

>What I need is a way to demonstrate that I'm different, a way to my distinguish myself, but I've got to be able to do this without coming off as a wacko, given the fact that I live in this strange place called Southern California.

Hmmm ... consider the ELVIS scripting. You'd be surprised how this fits EXACTLY what you just said you are looking for. Are you afraid they wont know that you are hitting on them or something? Afraid of ... failure?

I challenge you.

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