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Yes, Ft. Lauderdale is the same. And yet, I did very well there.

>I enjoy the competitive nature of

people here, and in most areas of my life I am very successful, including my personal relationships. I have everything I could want in my life at this point, except for success with women.

To a TRUE pick-up artist, there is NO competition. Since I got good at it, the compeition honestly disappeared. I get chosen over the other guys in the public gathering because I convey personality traits attractive to women. Other guys MAY be better than me, but they fail to convey this to the women. That is what the elvis thing does for example.

>Let me try to explain why.   I'll begin by considering how I would feel if someone came up to me and said "Hi. Did you know Elvis died his hair? Guess what color his hair was originally?" I can tell you for a fact that I would look at this person, male or female, and say "What? What the fuck are you talking about?" And I would make it very clear with my demeanor that I had no further interest in talking to this person unless they could offer a suitable explanation as to why they were asking me a meaningless question like this.

You dont say this scripting SERIOUSLY silly. Its a fun playful matter of fact on the spot timing thing.  You have to ACT like you were just thinking of this and ... ahh, before I continue, it appears to me you are far too chicken shit to try it. Try it already and after 5 girls, tell me what happens.   Or ... can't you? ! ! Its not rocket science. Its playful. Its unassuming. Its like you are taking a joke and ripping it apart so that it is out of context and no longer funny. Just do it already. try it. SMILE when you approach. This script allows you to display playful confidence without HITTING on her. Just do it already. You will notice how people will think of you as fun. Be FUN. You want to come off as this great guy. Well, be fun. This script shows her how you think. An interesting twisted way of thinking. Its fun. Do it already. 5 times. Tell me the details of your report.

>I'd still have to go on from there

and try to get her to understand what the hell I was doing. And this is where I hit a brick wall, because I really can't understand myself what the hell it is that I would be trying to do. I mean, if the idea is to make these random statements and say "Pleasure meeting you." and walk away, then that's fine, but I'm not really interested in establishing a reputation for myself on campus as the dude who walks up to girls and says wacked out things.

THis isnt a wacky thing. Wacky is running up to girls and sticking your tongue out. Dude, man. You are missing the CONTEXT of this. TRY it. Oh, and there IS no brick wall. After this, say, "Pleasure meeting you" and walk off. You arent supposed to continue. there IS no wall.

>As a matter of fact, I can honestly say that I would rather just

go through college and never even talk to a single nice-looking female than approach even one in a manner that is going to lead to her walking away thinking "Ah. . .O.K.". I just can't do that to myself.. .it's just not me.

OK then ... wow. You wont take the chance of failure for the chance of succeeding. YOU are a LAMO then. NICE GUY huh. Oh well. Sorry to hear that. Bye then. Shit or get off the post.

>I've got to have an INTRO that leads me into a conversation that I can carry

on my own, a conversation that demonstrates that I had a valid purpose for approaching her, whatever that purpose may be.

No. you are wrong. you just dont know it yet. Im a 26 year old man who has made it w2ith 57 women. Im not a huge stud, but I care about efficient results. All I have is my testamonial right here. thats it. Take it or leave it. You are wrong. You do NOT need to have a valid purpose. ESPECIALLY because any reason will look like a pick up reason. The elvis thing is a spur of the moment thought thing. Its cool. Its consise. Its real. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics