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Some replies by mystery about pickup HB

>There was one problem though, there were 2 geeks who had beat us to the punch. They were talking to these guys for around 15 minutes. The whole time,

I'm looking and smiling at the gorgeous one. We made eye contact several times.

That is NEVER a problem. SOLUTION: meet the men first. You must disarm EVERYONE else BEFORE you start chatting with the one you want. This is a basic rule. So instead of introducing yourself to HER (too obvious - she already KNOWS you want to talk with her by the stares), you instead show your confidence and control by going in and introducing yourself to the guys. You can walk up and say, "Looks like the party is over here. May we join?" The girls will say yes and seeing as the guys there dont KNOW the girls, they have no right to say no or they will piss the girls off. So you start getting to know the guys first. Then the other girls and you purposely ignore the girl you want. remember, you dont HIT on the other girls though. You are just having a cool time enjoying conversation. Within 5 minutes you should have your pleasant persoanlity conveyed already. You will no doubt come off more brilliant than the other two guys because you showed control even though there WERE men in the group. You can then SWIPE her right from under their noses. Most men never know when Im coming.

I make them like and respect me first, then I take the girl and they will think that they just have a lower self-esteem and that is why the girl liked me more anyway.

>After a while, she comes over to the bar, and non-chalantly asks me if I have a
pen. In which I don't, but I reply to her "if it's not in my best interest, then
no I don't have one", she starts to laugh a little, and then asks if she could
please use my pen. I chuckle a little, and kindly apologize and tell her I don't
have a pen. She then says thanks, and walks back over to her table where the guys were. I'm not sure if there was much I could do in this situation. But I do
feel as though I blew a chance here. Feedback?

Yep, sorry buddy. You blew it. You didnt approach them. You just concluded it was a no win situation. And by that belief, it became one. This sounds like a wonderful CLASSIC chess move you missed. You coulda entered with getting to know the guys first and disarming them. But ... you didnt. "Hey Guys, parties over here eh?" Or you could have said, "Gentlemen, are these ladies bothering you? Alright ladies, come on, leave the men alone. Sheeh! Women! Get them in together and they act like wolves on the hunt."

>I see an attractive figure walking towards the bar and I go and sit alone near her friend (a 6 or 7) who was holding the table for them.

dont sit. The 3 second rule states, if you like a girl, you have 3 seconds to approach her and say hi or you risk the high chance of staling it out wiht gawking at her too long and shit like that.

>After she goes and sits, I notice her standing and dancing near her seat. I immediately walk over and ask her to dance. She says she doesn't want to go out
on the dance floor.

Dont ask strangers to dance. They can say NO. Its easier to say NO. They will say NO MORE than YES. Once they say NO. You have nothing better to say than, "pleasure meeting you" and walk off. Forget it. Doesnt work. Be efficient. Most lamos will ask a girl to dance. Be different.

>She than starts to smile, and says "how old are you? you
look so young!" She turns to her friend and asks her "doesn't he look young?".
They are both smiling and giggling at this point so I ask them "Okay, how old do
you think I am?". She says "I dont know, but you do look young". I say, "well,
age is nothing but a number, but since you asked, I am 23". She starts to nod. I
say "is that too young for a dance", she says "yes, it is". I say, "not even for @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics