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Some comments by mystery about how to pickup

author:          "Mystery"
date:             Sat, 12 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject:        Re: A new name

Some thoughts about how to seduce HB BY mystery

>>Once she starts telling you these things, you can focus on what ever emotional subjects she tends to dwell on. I chated with a girl a few nights ago, who told be she had felt traped with her x-boyfriend. . .so I focused on assoiating myself with freedom.

I like that.

>Anyway, I read somewhere a good advice: give a compliment, then ask a
>question. Like, (really stoopid one), "you have incredibly beautiful eyes,
>did you get them from your mother or your father?", that way, she does not
>have to analyze your compliment, and she's not stuck into answering, "yeeah,
>thanks . . .".

I believe on the contrary that you should NEVER give direct anatomy compliments. NEVER. She gets em all the time. Consider more original compliments like, "you are the leader of your friends I notice. Why is that?"

>The problem with that is you can cause what I like to call a "come on line reflex." Most women have heard so many lines, that they automatically dismiss them. Try this.. .go up and simply tell her she looks fantastic. . .or do you always look this fantastic etc. Then walk away and sit down somewhere nearby.

Ouch. Again, NEVER do what others have done before you - probably minutes before.

>Don't do what is expected.. .being original will get attention.. .do not be afraid to stand out.    Remember. . .one of the most famous movie come ons. .was tom cruise in top gun just badly singing a righous brothers song. That made women all over the globe moist.

That WAS an outgoing thing. It made him the leader of his group. You can do that too, but I think that that movie scene was only 75% what could be done other ways.

> >Ask
> her what she wants from life...what her dreams are.  Go for the
> fundimentals...ask her what she wants to do with her life. (If she says
> she "wants to rock" then fuck her right there on the table)
> question: I notice that most girls answer I dont know when asked what they
> want to be or do with their life.  Asking this almost always gets the same
> response.  Any suggestions on this?  should we bother asking?  should we not
> put them into a better state?
> curious. can say a number of things based on the

A:  Well, maybe I can help you find out.
A:  (act somewhat surprised)  You don't know your dreams?
A:  We all have dreams about something. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics