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I'm not bragging to those who know this lifestyle to be matter of fact

author: "Mystery"
date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject: I'm not bragging to those who know this lifestyle to be matter of fact

>As for Mystery, I am not really interested in his claims. I could claim to have had 100 lovers or I could claim to be a virgin, there is simply no way to verify either claim, so I just ignore it. Even supposing he is not at all vulnerable to the temptation to exagerate his own prowess, having 56 sex partners does not really say much. He probably never has had a long term relationship, and I would be suprised if many of these partners stayed for Breakfast let alone for several weeks.

Thanks to my anonymity, I dont care to lie. I AM afterall in to hob nob with other pick-up artists. Its funny how this sounds like a lie. really, 56 women is not an impossible task. This isnt rocket science - its human nature. I have also had many long term relationships (you keep polarizing the dynamics of a person) . I have had a few one night stands, but the majority of my relationships were RELATIONSHIPS. I lived with a girl for 2 years, lived with another for 3 months (went with her for a year) . I had another 13 month relationship. Ive been asked to be married 3 times - marriage is a religious thing that I dont adhere too like our popular christian ethic biased north american culture. I respect and truly love my girlfriends. Yes, I have gone with more than one at a time. And yes I loved them equally as much. Its like having two children... which do you love more?

>Men who want an ethical woman are relegated to choosing sexually undesirable women. In that sense I am different from Aaron in my beliefs because I consider it looks-specific.

Ethics? Its a simple matter of qualification. If a quality man meets a quality woman, they will share time with eachother for a while. They will then break up and find another to share time with. Life is dynamic this way - and natural. Its sex for pleasure and intimacy, not for children. Sex for children involves paor-bonding for child rearing purposes. We must KNOW the difference here.

Consider appreciating the dynamics of relationships base on the entire species as a whole. Any small sampling is a bias to understanding the true nature of man. Globally, men cheat. Globally, pair-bonding lasting on average 4 years. Marriage is only a ceremony, not a natural law of nature. People split up and find new lovers. 1 out of every 6 women fuck around. 3 out of every 8 men fuck around. That is the reality of it. To try to idealize your life away from the reality of these facts is to be a man or a woman who does not have sex. You dont get sex if you are a NICE GUY and allow to be stepped on. This is a dog eat dog world. Survival of the fittest. Learn to seduce women and you will not be left behind.

I do not feel that having 1 new girl a month as an average is an impossibility, do you? How many girls has the reader of this post slept with? Is 56 all that much? I know guys who topped 100 and that isnt impossible either. Is it? @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics