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Re: Mystery is a pederast

author: "Mystery"
date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject: Re: Mystery is a pederast

Hey Lance, I am a scientist, but women generally think of science as merely a religion. They know that science 'delivers the goods' but arent really into running their lifes by reason. They prefer emotions. That is why they believe in such crazy shit. By learning what they may believe in (see the skeptics dictionary) you can tell them shit that they believe in and connect this way.

Thats what I meant - I was attempting to be politically correct with reference to peoples beliefs but fuck it, Im not a politictian ... God doesnt exist. There is no evidence to support the existance of God or any other supernatural idea. Science refutes the supernatural. The only way to believe in God is to deny that the lack of evidence could mean anything, leaving reason and therefore relying on irrational FAITH. However, tell this truth to a girl and you wont be gettin' any nookage. So one must LIE about it. Wear a cross on a chain under your shirt. Fuck, wear a pentacle too. Then, depending on the girls beliefs, pull out the right one. 95% of americans are scientifically illiterate. They are into astrology, and new age and all that weird shit. Some of the hottest women have the most fucked up beliefs. Notice how most Message Therapists are into new age shit. Why? Because they want to HEAL people and they think that a fucking massage will do more than give a short term state change *we get horny around babes*. Reiki is the study of so called energy of the body and the blah blah blah and these girls are fucked up and believe in this shit because they choose what to believe based on whats feels good, rather than a rigorous and skeptical approach of systematic investigation. So, they believe that levitation is possible. Then show them a levitation and reap the rewards of such a connection.

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