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Staticstics Of The Hunt

author:          "Mystery"
date:             Tue 11 Jan 2000 09:28 GMT
subject:       Staticstics Of The Hunt

Here is a generalization of the statistics of girl getting as a reference for you to live up to. If you approach one girl a month (some people actually do this) then it is unlikely you will fuck a girl in the next 6 months. If you speed up the pace, things become much better for you.

Here are my general statistics when I'm into the game.

I go out 3 or 4 times a week as I'm very social and I really love the attention I get being surrounded by women. Its actually a fun thing to do, better than tv or a video game. Lets say conservatively that I go out only 3 times a week though.

I go for 4 hour sessions (10pm to 2am usually) at 3 days a week = 12 hours a week of really fun seducing time. I will approach about 3 girls an hour (thats 1 every 20 minutes on average) . Thats 12 girls total for the night. Not bad. 12 girls approached in a club (or that could be divided by 2 clubs - I usually club hop once in a night) is a realistic #. Im sure you can easily find 6 girls in a club that are worthy of you. I usually start with the BEST rating girl in the place, unless that situation is hard (she could be in a group of guys) then what I do is go for less rated girls but I get them to surround me infront of the one I want. This way she SEES that Im a ladies man. The positive testimonial she receives silently from these women allows me to enter into her world. She will know Im a fun guy and will be intrigued to find out why all these women flocked around me. This is a consistant approach of mine for the last 1.5 years. I average 1 new approach every 20 minutes. However, of these, 1 out of 3 per hour will not go past the INTRO scripting and I good naturedly abort with dignity (there is really no such thing as failure - there is 0 pain in aborting as this is a well rehearsed contingency plan) . So those ones take up little time at all. This leave me more time per hour to chat with the approaches that go past the INTRO scripting. However, on average 1 of these girls per hour will lead to an abort, whether she just doesnt like me, or the situation went down not all that great. Again, I leave with dignity. Im just a guy chatting and having fun. Im not HITTING on anyone. However, 1 out of 3 per hour will pan out to my closing. This means I get on average 4 phone #s a night. Yep, I get realistically anywhere from 1 to 5 a night, but 3 to 5 is more like it for me. 1 is a suck night. 2 ok, 3 good, 4 good and happy. 5 really happy , 6 my fucking day and my top day was 7 phone #s in 4 hours. Average it to 4, or one an hour.

Now just cause you have the # doesnt mean you are gonna fuck them. My #s grow stale quickly. Shit happens to reduce the chance of fucking here too. So, out of 12 girls approached in a night (6 girls at each of 2 clubs) only 8 go past the opening and only 4 become options with #s. Of the 4 maybe 2 will pan out to our getting together. That is 6 to 8 get togethers with women in a week. Yes, Ive done that, but what Ive also done lately is qualify the girls more and only call the girls I really want. I had 34 #s on my pending list about 3 weeks ago and now Ive rounded it down to less than 8. I just tore it apart. Called them all and if I get a voice mail and I leave a message and they dont call back if I left a message 2 times, I drop the # cause I dont have time for that shit. They would call if they really liked me. So anyway, when its all said and done, I end up with 3 girls who want to fuck me per week and I round that down to making 2 friends who want me but I play hard to get (I invite them out to clubs so I look like a ladies man or just chat on the phone or hang out with them) and I then can fuck one new girl a week. I may not even fuck them. I like blow jobs ALOT. Again, this is an average based on my going out 3 times a week. With this much fun and excitment, sometimes I go out MORE.

This week thanks to a car issue, I only went out 2 times. On the first of these 2 sessions, I spent time with one girl only but she was a 10 so it was worth it and I got out late 11pm and left early 1am. So I was happy for the amount of time I played. 1 10 in 2 hehe. (one girls #, who I rate a 10, in 2 hours of game time.) The other time I was late out too but stayed til 2am therefore for a 3 hour session and I attracted 2 girls, one of which I let her go cause her new 'boy' friend was so lame and I couldnt do it to him - he didnt see me coming (I was holding her hands and she was so into me and he just sat there all pouting so I said fuck it, have her. The other girl I got the # though. I could have gotten more but we went to 3 new places that day. One of them sucked, one was dead and the one where I DID get action was just not quality enough to seduce 6 worhty women. So I only got 2 #s this week. Not bad for 2 short nights out though. I also expected less because we were researching new territory.

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