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Get some background info on what women believe

author:         "Mystery"
date:             Mon, 08 Sep 1999 05:20:00 GMT
subject:       Get some background info on what women believe

Some ideas or beliefs that you hold in your head will keep you from getting results. EG: If you think being a NICE guy is the RIGHT way to get women, holding this belief will limit you from getting to the belief that will give you better results.

In the same way, there may be beliefs in your mind that are not as accurate as others. The NICE GUY belief is nieve and so may other beliefs be. Consider researching The Skeptic's Dictionary on the net. Find it on yahoo and read through the whole sight. Since most women believe in most of this stuff, you will find this a valuable resource for conversation scripting. And it might just keep you from some NICE beliefs that limit you from understanding what really WORKS in this universe.

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