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The RealDoll

author:         "Mystery"
date:             Mon, 28 Sep 1999 23:29:00 GMT
subject:       The RealDoll

have you seen this thing? Its a fake woman for $5000 bucks or so.

I went into a sex shop a few days ago (only because I felt wierd doing it - just to look - you know, to get over the stupid fear I had like an insecurity so I said fuck it and went in) . I saw a fake pussy thing and it was $400 for the fake ass pussy thing and I touched it and it DID feel rather convincing I must admit. However, $400 for a fake piece of ass (literally a PIECE of ass) .

Fuck that. I mean, DONT fuck that. I personally would rather fuck a real girl (costs less too) than a RealDoll. Wacky. Now, I have masterbated to porn before and I guess that is CHEATING the natural system, so a realdoll is only an extension of that. Hmmm, $5000? No fucking way? Even $400? No fucking way.

With $400 bucks, I could buy some nice clothes, have some spending money and go out and play the game. Sex is a mutual thing. I enjoy watching lezbian porn with a girlfriend. I loved that.

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