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How To Compel Women To See You As A Sausage With Feet

A Tension Loop is when you do something to create unresolved emotional tension inside a woman, increase it, release it by bringing closure to it, and then spark it all over again. This will keep her feeling the emotion of wanting and reaching and chasing for more of you.

Soap opera writers use Tension Loops to keep women enraptured in their fictitious dramas for months - sometimes years! The structure is always the same. The soap starts off with some form of conflict or drama, sparking unresolved emotional tension. Emotional tension increases up until the point of the climax. The tension, then, is released by bringing some resolution to the conflict or drama. And, finally, the show ends by sparking the tension all over again, compelling women to tune in for next week's show.

A special type of Tension Loop is called "Push-Pull." Push-Pull is whenever you emotionally push a woman away from you...and, then, emotionally pull her back in. Each Push creates an emotional space for each Pull. To get a sense of what I'm getting at, think, for example, of your favorite junk food. What if you went on a strict diet for several weeks, depriving yourself of giving in to your urge to eat your favorite food? What would it be like to finally give in to your urge and indulge? I'm willing to bet it would be more intense than if you hadn't gone on your strict diet, yes?

When You told her "Can you stop stalking me please?" you were pushing her away from you. But then YOU grabbed her by the scruff of her proverbial neck and pulled her into you with: "I mean all I know about you is that you have good fashion taste, so I forgive you but you should at least introduce yourself."

Love it. Where most guys go wrong with Push-Pull is that they're all Push and no Pull (or, conversely, all Pull and no Push).

Some guys constantly Push women away, giving them no validation whatsoever. Sometimes this works. But oftentimes women interpret this as meaning the guy is a mean, manipulative, untrustworthy jerk.

Other guys incessantly try to Pull women in by showering them with compliments and barraging them with attention. This rarely works - especially when first meeting a woman...because it doesn't give women any emotional space, leaving them feeling claustrophobic.

Also, it communicates to women that the man is needy for validation and approval. When men act this way women think: "He's not the Prize." As you know, women feel no attraction toward men who aren't the Prize.

Women, in my experience, DON'T trust men who are all Pull. They think, "Why's he being so nice to me? Is he, maybe, trying to get something from me?"

I find it best to mix Push with Pull. Here and there, give her a hard time, challenge her, bust her ball her balls...and so on, while now and then sprinkling in compliments, giving her hints that you like and accept her (If you've studied my book you know how to Push a woman away from you and Pull her in, at the Exact same time. Powerful, isn't it?). This combo is lethal, driving women to think to themselves, "there's something dangerously sexy about this guy but I can't put my finger on it."

Push/Pull is the creme de la creme of attraction tools. Master Push/Pull and you'll leave women no choice but to feel attraction toward you...even if they're repulsed by your physical appearance. Realize that this is a newsletter and I'm only scratching the surface of Push/Pull. In my book, you'll learn six types of Push/Pull: Intentional Undermining, Guilty Conscience, Emotional Rollercoaster, Revealing & Concealing, and Good Cop/ Bad Cop. You'll discover body language techniques for using Push/Pull andread about a powerful Push/Pull secret for getting physical with a woman...even if she tells you, she's not attracted to you. My book is the only place on the planet where you'll learn about Push/Pull. This, however, only scratches the surface of what you'll gain from my attraction guide. It's a complete education on attracting women, giving you the tools to transform yourself into the kind of man women feel attraction toward. Just think what it will be like to finally have the skills and confidence to plop your butt in the driver's seat while interacting with women, giving you the power and choice to take your interactions with them in the direction you want. Start getting this area of your life taken care of right now by downloading my book.

By Swinggcat

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