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How To Compel Women To See You As A Sausage With Feet

But most of us don't look like movie stars and don't sport Bill Gates size bank accounts.

That's why I've developed a method for establishing Yourself as the Prize without the need for good looks or a giant bank account.

Instead of feeling manipulated, women will sigh, "Finally a real man."

This method exploits some simple psychological truths. So simple and obvious and right in front of people's faces, most aren't aware they exist.

"ME "Can you stop touching my arse please? If you want to touch me, tell me a funny joke or an interesting story first, I'm not just a sausage with feet!""

This is great. Our culture has hoisted "getting to touch women sexually" up on a high pedestal. Some women exploit this by making their living selling the right to "sexually" touch them for beau coup bucks. It's called "prostitution."

What you did, my man, was bait your fishing pole with a bonbon, cast your line up to her pedestal. And then, hot damn! - She took the bait, chomping down on that delicious bonbon, and she was hooked. You reeled her in down off her throne and into your reality...and the rest is history.

Let's break down in plain English what you did:

1) Instead of acting like a dumb ass and putting value on getting to touch her, You did the opposite. You put a value on her getting to touch you. The subtext of your words was: "If you want to touch me you're gonna have to earn it." You established that you're the Prize she wants to win over.

2) You exploited one of the big secrets to comedy: doing or saying something unexpected. Women are so used to guys putting value on getting to "sexually" touch them that they feel surprised and titillated when a man does the opposite: When he puts a value on them getting to touch him. Because it's so unexpected, most women are put in stitches. When women are laughing their guard comes tumbling down, making the attraction process exponentially easier.

3) Women have sexual power over most men. Many women know, for example, their sexuality compels many men to buy them gifts. In male/female interactions, to give you another example, it's the woman who decides, most females think, if they're gonna sleep together. Women don't always exploit these sexual powers. But they know they are there. And they know most men are oblivious to them. Many a woman dream about meeting a man with sexual power over her. Not a rapist or a wife beater. But a man that compels her to want to surrender to him. He's aware of women's sexual power and knows how to take it away from them in an attractive way. This is exactly what YOU did.

Is this derisive or manipulative to do to women? Not at all. Women are so used to men bending over backwards to get the opportunity to sexually touch them that they're bored.

Novel and exciting for women is interacting with a man having the gall to reverse the sexual dynamic. This takes away their sexual power compelling them to surrender to him, and builds heaps of emotional and sexual tension. Women love this and sexually respond to it. It's flirting at its best.

Opportunities to reverse the sexual power of your interactions with women are abound. In my book you'll discover the meta-frame: A tool that gives you the eyes to recognize these sexual dynamics and then reverse them, emotionally compelling the woman to want and reach and chase for more of you. Just imagine one moment, a woman asking you to buy her a drink, you applying the meta-frame, and the next, she's offering to buy YOU a drink and can't keep her little paws off you. There's some simple yet powerful psychology that makes the Meta-Frame consistently successful. But I'm NOT gonna reveal this psychology here.

"ME "can you stop stalking me please? I mean all I know about you is that you have good fashion taste, so I forgive you but you should at least introduce yourself"

Now that's money. Women love this. This isn't mean. It's playful banter. You used a special type of tension loop called "Push-Pull." @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics