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Cocky&funny comments and themes I

" I know you want me for my sexy body, but I'm tired of feeling like just an object to women.

I'm tired of women always staring at me and wanting my body."

" I'm impressed. Normally, women like you are intimidated by my charm and good looks"

(Customer service girl) " Wow, thanks for your help... I think this relationship is off to a good start."

(3rd party: So how do you two know each other?) " We're actually brother and sister." Then start fondling her and say " Our relationship is a bit incestuous."

(invitation to her place) "What?? I don't even know you and you want me at your place already? Sorry I'm not that easy. Whatever happened to the good old days when ladies invited guys for coffee first?"

"Look I know how you women are: First a little compliment, then phone number, then back to your place to check out your stereo...I'm not like that!"

"What makes you think I WANT to sleep with you?" (What??) "I think you need to change the battery on your Miracle Ear."

A good Cocky & Funny theme to follow is "You're screwing up your chances with me", "This relationship just isn't going to work" , " What did I tell you about this kind of behavior?" . In other words, you're communicating the very OPPOSITE of "You're a potential wife or girlfriend" .

A little harsh, but good if she's got a mega bitch-shield, " I'm hot and I know it" attitude. "You don't know what sexy is... look at you, you're trying too hard, you look like a little girl playing dress up. REAL sexiness doesn't come from wearing make up or tight're probably even uncomfortable in those clothes...It comes from inside, being in touch with that natural woman inside of you..."

" Hey, what's with the big purse? You're not one of those women with a live dog named

"Precious" in there, are you?"

(You're crazy) " I'm a little unconventional…and I'm definitely NOT predictable! But I'm not crazy. Well, I can get a LITTLE crazy…in bed!"

"Look how happy you are to (hear from/ see/ be with) me! You LOVE me!"

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