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How to continue talking

Legoe: How do you continue talking?  I mean, the group set dynamics are much different in a one one on one approach.

Mystery: Be a story-teller - THAT is the skill of the PUA.  It isn't SEDUCING; it's STORY-TELLING.  It is my personal belief that SS patterns arent as 'hypnotic' as they are 'entertaining' stories.

Wakeboarder: Sweet

Legoe: Actually with the story stuff I SEE WHAT YOU MEAN.  They just follow that lead.

Wakeboarder: Well, I need to stop being a sackless wonder and grow some fuckin' balls then!  Hmm, story telling ...

Mystery: Here's an example.  "Ever been camping?  Well I was up in a forest up north and was hiking with some girlfriends of mine ... and we came along some trail and there was shit on the path.  My friends were like, "haaaa someone shit in the woods" and I said, "lets get the fuck out of here like NOW."  they thought I was just scared of shit and I said, "Girls, you dont get it.  This shit is still warm and its not human. Its bear shit.  This is a big fucking bear.  Look at the size of that turd."  Notice it's not sexual?  Most hot girls gets get "sex-talk" right away from AFCs.  NOT talking sex with them makes them question whether you are interested in them.  Leave them guessing until you get indicators of interest from them.  If they like your great personality (confident, humorous, etc) they will give you subtle but distinct clues.

Gamer: How do you flow from story to story?

Mystery: If there is ONE mental state you should force yourself into, its TALKATIVE.  Talk your fucking HEAD off.  Just go from one story straight into another one like a comedian does.  Ever find yourself excited about something and you talk and talk and talk?  THAT is what must happen to get a girl.  You have to ENTERTAIN them.  Look talkative yet not desperate.

Gamer: Heh.

Lego: Dude, I had that going last night. You're so right.  That's an excellent example dude.  I was telling this story about getting harassed by cops or some shit.  It's a cool story but my delivery sucked and I was losing one of the two girls I was telling it to.  What if they fail to elaborate on your story?  Besides it being a bad story to begin with, how can you fix it on the fly?

Mystery: They don't have to interact with it.  Its a good thing to have flexible stories to allow for some comment but it's not nessessary. It's YOUR job to perform the material.  It's your audiences job to listen,laugh and generally be entertained.  That's it.  At the end of 10 minutes you will see the girls digging you (positive indicators).  You then phase shift abruptly into the close.

By Mystery

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