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Always Communicate That You're Selecting Her

In every situation there is a way to subtly or overtly communicate that you are the one who is selecting her.

Just like my idea that you can increase attraction in every situation, I also believe that you can communicate that you're the one doing the selecting (which, of course, increases the attraction).


1) When you first meet her say "You seem different from the other shallow women that work here..."

2) Mention that your ex girlfriend called you (if it's true, of course) and that she wanted to see you, but that you chose her instead tonight.

3) If you find something that she likes, tell her "If you're a good girl, I'll give you some more..."

Now, these are subtle ways of saying, in effect "I'm the one who's in control. I'm desirable and I know it... but I'm going to pay attention to you because I choose to."

Do you get this?

Most guys behave in a way that communicates "I'm a lucky guy to be getting attention from you. I'll do whatever you want so you don't leave. I know that I'm fortunate to be with you, and I'm insecure because you might leave at any time."

This goes back to what I said earlier about giving away your power.

So think up some ways that you can communicate the idea that YOU'RE THE ONE SELECTING HER.

If you overdo this one, you can come off as insecure and arrogant... so make sure to keep it on the subtle side. But used in small amounts, this is powerful.

If you believe it, she'll believe it.

OK, I'm done....


By Tyler Durden

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