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10 Characteristics of Alpha Behaviour

Guys, this stuff is NOT FUNNY. But they laugh like its the funniest thing they've ever heard. Why? IMO, its because its a laugh of submission. These C&F remarks set you as ALPHA, and they giggle to submit.

This is called going "girly-girl", and the ugly chicks always bash the hotties for giggling at the captain of the football team's lame jokes.. "see how she laughs at all his dumb jokes.. its so pathetic!" (even though they WISH that THEY were the ones who the cool-guy would be chatting up)..


Alphas seem to take ANYTHING that challenges their alpha status in the room and USURP it for themselves.

This is a variation of being the ANCHOUR of the convo.

Basically, if you're not the alpha, and you say something cool, the alphamale might do something like "YEAH THAT IS THE SHIT... YOU COULD EVEN DO X,Y,Z...."

Somehow, YOUR cool idea has become THEIR cool idea, and they've usurped the credit for your idea.


There's this one dude, who whenever I hang out at his house (university frathouse type deal, with lots of guys living there), there will always be this little "alpha-subtext" deal going on.

Like, I'll be showing the dudes there something, and I'll have ALL the attention.

But will HE come over and act impressed? NOPE.

He'll just go do his own thing, or just sit there eating his ravioli, unimpressed with me, in his own reality.

The ONLY time he'll pay attention to what I'm doing is if its a case like 4b, where he'll usurp it for himself.

Otherwise, he's NEVER interested.


I've noticed that I can't get along with alphamales as well as I used to be able to.

It's like a conflict in the room, where the heirarchical status is totally out of order.

Alphas will often hate eachother, except that when they DO make friends, they are BEST FRIENDS.

Or, they can co-exist, but have this sort of weird way of talking.

Like they'll say things to eachother in ways that don't qualify themselves, so its sort of like a weird broken conversation. I dunno how to describe this, but I'm sure you've all seen it.

Anyway, they get along with everyone, since everyone is on their knob. But as soon as someone who tries to "take over" the alpha status comes along, he's ridiculed for whatever reason they see fit.



I've noticed that alphas will also have tendencies to take any question that you may have posed in attempt to get rapport with them, and answer it with some stupid non-sensical bullshit.

This goes back to why I say "don't ask girls questions.. just make statements until they try to get rapport with YOU.. 'what's your name', etc etc"

Say that you come across an alphamale, and you want to try to get rapport with him. Maybe you'll ask him some basic questions or something.

But he'll answer with stupid shit like "guess", or "I work at taco bell.. I'm the employee of the month".. SOUND FAMILIAR? :)

Also, they have a tendency to take what you asked and TWIST it around to ridicule you.


Have you ever been onto a campus where there are cliques everywhere.

Go look at the clique of rich jewish kids. (many of my closest friends are in these, so no stupid racist bullshit comments)

They don't give a fuck about you. You can be the centre of attention, life of the party, whatever..

It doesn't matter, they're in their corner with a few hotties, minding their own business, and they're NOT gonna come out to see what cool shit is going on with you.

Now you'd THINK that this would make them BETA, but there's just something ABOUT them that makes it seem cool.

Their disinterest puts them up above you, and if they DO come over, they come over like you're their "CLOWN" whose purpose is to ENTERTAIN THEM. It's all about THEM, not YOU. Again, "USURPING THE GLORY".

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