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Quoting and stacking realities

"My neighbor Cheryl acted so weird to me the other day. Do you know what she asked me? . . . She goes "John, Imagine you and me totally making out." And I'm like, "Cheryl, your 10 years older than me. And she says "wait, see this through your own eyes. Imagine you and me really enjoying ourselves passionately making out" I said, "No Cheryl, this isn't going to work out. And she says, "NO NO NO, just imagine it for a moment, just imagine us making out and you getting so turned on." Did she really expect me enjoy thinking about that over and over again, to the point where you can't get it out of your mind. If she does that again, next time I think I'll play it right back to her. Like say something like "Tell me Cheryl, What's it feel like when you experience fantastic sex when you're with someone who, you know mmmmm really knows how."

"You know I think it's so strange how people come up with things right out of the blue. My neighbor looks at me and says STOP and just . . . picture the . . . two of us . . . absolutely in love. Able to feel . . . totally connected, completely drawn to each other. What would it feel like then if I was kissing you exactly the way you like it, touching you exactly the way you like it, holding my body close to yours. God, did she really expect me to have those thoughts _____ Now with me, I know it takes time. I would never feel that right away. Its the kind of thing you go home and think about. You just picture it right up there in your mind find yourself dreaming those wonderful dreams of love with this special person you are now connecting so powerfully with. But you can't think about it on the spot as well."

"You know, sometimes I think women are so strange. I can't believe you all. Well, the other day, I was talking with my friend ____ and she looked at me and she said, "If you were to imagine we were in love, what are the two of three things about me that you could say that just cause you to fall in love with me the most." Now I can't believe, that's not the kind of thing you ask someone to think about on the spot. It's the kind of thing you might find yourself pondering. You know, maybe when you're doing everyday things like driving your car or taking a shower and you find that you think about it to the point where you can't get it out of your mind. I know its a wonderful thing to feel a growing desire for someone (sp) to the point where you imagine yourself with them in a mmmmm special way. But really, people shouldn't do that."

"You know I ask women what they think is the worst pickup line they have ever heard. Well, this woman told me what happened to her once .. this guy walked up to her in a bar, looked her right in the eye and said "imagine me going down on you just the way you like it all night long and you were getting so hot and so wet that you were begging to have me inside you". Did that jerk really expect her to have those thoughts ... with me I would never say such a thing."

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