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10 way to Pump up Buying Temperature Tactics

Dancing - This is one of my common tactics that I like to use to both create attraction as well as qualify her ("Oh, are you good dancer? Or do you just shake your ass like all the other girls?"). Note, I don't APPROACH the girl with Dance Game. I use dancing to isolate, pump up her attraction and adrenaline, and escalate the physical. Disadvantages, of course, is that it requires you to be somewhat decent at dancing. An easy variation of this is to Spin Her as if you're doing a swing dance. A lot of guys do this when they open, but a lot of times it's poorly done.

Thumb Wrestling - This is a stupid little game and competition, but one I actually had done to me the other night by the girl. Kind of a role reversal, but it's a fun little game. You can frame it as a challenge and play it up as the thumb war championship. Sidenote, sometimes a girl was ask you to buy her a drink, play a game with her, winner buys. You've changed the frame, introduced kino, and you'll win (if you don't, hang up your title of Pick Up Artist right now). There are a lot of variations to this like Slap Jack and so forth.

Fake Fighting - I like to do this a lot as well. Maybe a girl will accidentally bump into me. Instead of saying "Sorry" you can pretend to throw down with the girl. "Wha-wha-what? You wanna throw down? Let's see what you GOT?!" Again, it's silly but it's a fun thing to do and shows that you're really not taking the girl too serious. A variation of this is to Booty Bump Her and be playful about it.

Cavemanning - I'll do this if I'm feeling particularly energetic and if she's light. This is simply picking her up in your arms. Maybe throwing her over your shoulder. Piggybacking, etc.

Make Her Slap Herself - I've already written about making her slap herself. It's similar in nature to cavemanning in that you're displaying dominance by temporarily taking control of her body.

Drink Annilihation - This is actually an AMOG tactic that works just as effectively on girls as guys. Fun, silly and leaves her at your mercy.

Intentional Cold Read - Not the cold read that's designed to generate commonalities and understanding (though there is that), but calling a girl from New York "trouble" or a "bad girl" and then turning like you're walking away. Most times, you'll get pulled back in

where they'll laugh and qualify themselves. This is where the PowerPuff girl routine came in though you can do a lot with it from the Sexual Predator to any other outrageous cold read that's designed to push her buttons.

All of this, of course, depend upon your delivery, energy level, and a host of other factors that helps you convey humor and playfulness as well as dominating the interaction so she no longer is thinking logically, but simply responding emotionally and on a visceral level.

Also remember that BT Game should be considered within the context of the social setting as well as the girl herself. You don't need to pump up BT at the library for general day game, a decent sense of humor well work just as fine. Club game, however, where you're competing with massive amounts of other stimuli and distractions does require a mastery of BT Game.

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