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Cavemanning, Kino and Body Language

3-  kino PINGING (discussed in a recent post I wrote)

4-  a playful C&F routine, like pushing her away or spins or high-5s or thumb wrestling

5-  something I can use on the FAT OBSTACLES to keep them happy and ignore the target

6-  escalation in LATE GAME and phase shifting


In game, any error that you follow up with EMOTIONAL RELEVANCE is immediately forgiven.

For example, if you approach, that can be an IOI to the chick. But if you open well, you're in ANYWAY.

Likewise, if she gets angry at you, but you answer with something C&F, its forgiven.

CAVEMAN is the SAME. For example, I may hold back KINO from a girl for a LONG TIME.

This causes her endorphins and chemicals to BUILD AND BUILD.

REMEMBER that when you neg or tease a girl, and she kinos you, *SHE IS TRYING TO FUCKING TOOL YOUR DUMB AFC ASS*

Not only is she re-validated instantly if you kino back.. There's more to it.

If you kino her back, the emotional chemicals that you shot through her get DISPLACED and then feel normal again.

This is like when have sex or snuggle with a chick. You keep CHANGING POSITIONS and it feels more intense and better. SAME as why we get bored of sex with the same chicks over and over. We can't get the emotions and chemicals from it anymore, because we are DE-SENSITIZED. If you have sex with your girl 3 times a day for a week, you won't enjoy it as much as if you don't see her for a week and then fuck her. It's all chemical shit.

So for girls, you see them touching each other alot. They intuitively understand emotional reactions and they are displacing each others emotions. It's all pretty ridiculous from our perspective, but to them it all makes perfect sense.

Remember that KINO has this context, and that there is alot being subcommunicated with the act of touching.

DE-CLOGGING WITH CAVEMAN. Say that a girl is in state, but you just CAN'T seem to escalate. She just isn't biting on the active disinterest stuff. But at the same time, you KNOW that she's in state. What to do?

Solution - CAVEMAN HER ASS! :)

The reason is that if she has enough emotional chemicals built up in her, when you caveman her it will be the BEST feeling of her entire life. She won't stop it, and then she'll BACKWARDS RATIONALIZE that she wanted it.

I've had girls I slept with tell me that when I forced them to kiss me, it was the most sexual thing that they've ever had done to them. haa, from an average looking 5'9 fucking EX-DWEEB.. NICE. But why? Because I played on her states effectively.

So this is all buying temperature and escalation related. Cavemanning is something I use to DECLOG a pipeline that isn't flowing properly. I ATTEMPT all other measures FIRST, but if it isn't working for me then I just go caveman, and progress the pickup from there.

You see this in John Wayne movies, where the girl is freaking out, and he pins her to the wall and starts kissing her. She struggles and struggles, and then let's go and just falls in love with him again and everything is FINE. haaa, those motherfuckers KNEW how to interact with women on an emotional level back then, before the women's movement came in and fucked us all up. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics